Friday Favorites: Rainbow

We’re rounding up another set of our favorite images and links found this week. This time, we’re inspired by spaces that incorporate the full rainbow spectrum of colors, in a classy way, just like the rug seen above. See more after the jump.

This cozy, child friendly space, blends a classic modern grey sectional with rainbow inspired art. The neutral couch and wall colors allow for brightly colored accent pieces. (image via

This amazing work of art from artist Gabriel Dawe in his series “Plexus”. Thousands of single strands of thread all come together to form stunning prisms in various shapes and sizes.

Next up, this gorgeous modern table and chairs brings in a vintage feel, while the pops of color bring it right into modern day. What do you think about each chair being a different color? Would you want that look in your home?

When we think about bringing rainbow inspiration into a modern space, this is exactly what we’re talking about. This uniquely designed piece is able to hold anything and everything from books to records to toys and beyond. While it’s certainly a statement, it’s one we like.

Last but not least, the Mingle Cushion rounds out our rainbow theme. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, this accent pillow brings a pleasant burst of color, and a whole bunch of comfort, to any space.

Do you have anything rainbow themed in your home? If not, would you add something bright and bold that features all the colors of the rainbow? We’d love to see your colorful spaces! Share them with us on Pinterest. Have a great weekend, Viesso fans!

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