Furnish your Dream Home with Viesso Furniture

Wouldn’t it be relaxing if you could furnish your dream home from just one company? Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could go to a site designed so intelligently that you could not only see and select every piece of furniture with ease, but you could also customize each piece to the inch?

These are not rhetorical questions, because Viesso is just this kind of furniture supply showroom. On our site you can get exactly what you need for your space without having to shop around. And better yet, you can do all of your decision making and ordering without having to lift a foot.

Capturing the Essence of Your Style

From essential furniture to mattresses, accessories, and more, our company is able to provide you with an amazingly diverse selection of contemporary, functional, and aesthetically satisfying pieces. Our furniture makes the difference between an ordinary space and one that allows you to find pieces that capture the essence of your own personality and style.

A Wide Range of Designers

With a wide range of designers from the United States and beyond, including our own Viesso creations, you can furnish your home with an eclectic mix of elements that make just the right statement. Each and every piece in our inventory has been chosen with a practiced eye towards modernity and quality.

Sofa Beds and Sectionals

Our roster of some of the most desirable designers in the industry make our company one of the most sought after when it comes to contemporary furniture. Take a look at the stunning Silenos Sofa Bed by Innovation, an incredibly forward-minded company from Denmark, to get an idea of what we mean when we say modern. Their take on a mid-century design has yielded a functional piece that demands attention as it converts into a beautiful bed.

Viesso’s Mota Sofa is a modern sectional that can be fully customized to fit any size room. Boasting high, thin arms, it has a light and elegant silhouette that is fresh and original. Our use of green materials ensures that every one of our pieces is built with consciousness and a commitment to longevity.

Another one of our exceptional sofas is the Nein Modular Sectional. This is for those of you with the space to handle multiple pieces, making it ideal for entertaining or just plain lounging, albeit in total luxury. Change the configuration of each section as you wish and you have a truly modular piece that can shift around depending on the need and mood.


Whether you have one bedroom or many, our choice of beds allow you to select from all sizes and styles. MODLOFT’s Worth Bed is a terrific choice with its European quality combined with its Japanese appeal. On a low profile platform frame, it comes with symmetrical nightstands, an upholstered headboard, and a feng shui sense of balance that creates a sense of peace in any bedroom.

Our Viesso Budin Bed is an essential piece for a room that is shy on storage space. Made of solid bamboo, the bed has cut outs that can be customized to in order to hide away clothing, extra bedding, or anything else that you don’t want exposed. We believe in the efficient use of space, and there is nothing more emblematic of this than the Budin Bed, which has been featured for its comfort and functionality by Inhabitat.com.

Dining Tables

No home is complete without a great dining table, and we feature many. The Madrid Dining Table by sohoConcepts fits in with any style decor for its tasteful minimalism and sleek lines. Sleek chrome finished metal legs and an oak veneer or lacquer covered top allows it to also function as desk, making it ideal for a home that requires double-duty items.

The Sullivan Dining Table is unmistakably a dining table that doubles as an elegant work of art. Made in Brazil by MODLOFT designers, this oval table is as chic as it is sturdy and will make even the most ordinary meal seem posh.

Dining Chairs

In terms of dining chairs, MODLOFT’s Varick Dining Chair makes a sleek addition to your dream home with its luscious leather backrest, seat, and legs. True to our catalogue’s variety, you can pick a color that harmonizes with your taste and decor.

Another precious pick is the Aria Wood Dining Chair designed by the illustrious Tayfur Ozkaynak. With an ineffably stylish upholstered seat and backrest along with solid beech legs, this design by sohoConcept provides a solid steel structure frame that gives the chair tremendous stability.

Fold Up Chairs

On another note, the Flux Chair is a brilliant solution for providing you with space-saving seating for those moments when all those guests and their friends show up on your doorstep. Looking like a huge envelope, this chair collapses into an easily folded package that can be placed in a closet. Made of weatherproof polypropylene, its great for indoor or outdoor living, is lightweight yet super strong, and makes a highly contemporary statement with its eight marvelous colors to mix and match.


Choosing the right lighting is key for making your home into the type of abode you love spending time in. We specialize in cutting-edge alternatives that include hanging pendant and suspension lamps, table lamps, sconces, wall lights, and outdoor lights. All of our designs are made with quality materials that make all the difference when it comes to creating the right ambiance in any room.

Tending to the Outdoors

Do you have a patio or yard that needs tending to? Viesso offers you great options for outdoor seating and lounging areas, including sun chaises, cabanas, and even daybeds.


Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty, which is all about using accent items to enhance the feel of your little castle. Here you can choose pillows made with a variety of fabrics that run the gamut from simple colors and textures to more elaborate designs. Whether it is a throw, a bolster, or a floor pillow, any one of our many styles will add depth and comfort to your home.

Our many rug designs allow for pure creativity as we offer exquisitely knotted rugs from India, deliciously soft sheepskin, and those that can be considered absolute art pieces for the floor. The same is true for our wall treatments. Here we offer decals and wallpaper that provide innovative alternatives that transform the ordinary wall into something extraordinary and infinitely appealing.

...and More

At Viesso we don’t stop here. Check out our stylish shakers for martinis or for your daily salt and pepper quota; our knives, flatware, and serving ware; our modular storage systems; and everything in between. Transforming the quotidian into something eclectic is our idea of creating more interest in the things that go into daily living. For more information on how to furnish your dream home with Viesso’s exceptional pallette of choices, please contact us by calling 877.8.VIESSO, or by filling out our online form, which can be found on our Contact Page.

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