Furniture Glass Dining Table

Viesso, is a seller of the most absolutely sleek and beautifully designed furniture and accessories and has a collection of breathtakingly beautiful dining tables with glass tops. The glass is tempered, so should bear up well under the usual rough and tumble of family meals. Viesso also takes pride in much of their furniture being eco-friendly. Our furniture can be bought either online or at their showroom in Los Angeles.

The Lady Table is appropriately named, because it’s lady like. The design is wonderfully simple. There’s the tempered glass top, glued with a laser beam to the chrome plated steel stem, all balanced on the chrome plated steel foot. It looks rather like a modernistic compote. This table can also be had in different heights: 31 inches, 36 inches, or 43 inches. The glass top can also be different diameters and the table itself arrives in three different boxes. It's great for the home as well as for the office lunchroom. Another version has a square base, a 28 inch diameter glass top and can also come in three heights.

The Panton Dining Table has three crossed, stainless steel legs and another round top made of glass, which can come in ebony, teka or clear. It's roomy enough to seat four. The Knar dining tables have rustic wooden legs and rectangular or square glass tops. The legs, which can be made of walnut or red oak, have clever pegs on top that create a sort of storage space right beneath the glass. The Knar tables can also be customized to come in different sizes, according to the customer's wishes.

The Breeze Glass Dining Table is as sleek as it can be. This table comes in three sizes, 40 inches by 40 inches, 80 by 40 and 104 by 40. It has a stainless steel frame and teak accents and is made for dining out doors, despite the glass. The Addison Dining Table is delicious. Its delicate seeming frame holds up the round glass top and makes a star shape pattern beneath it. The glass looks like its held aloft with chrome ball bearings.

The Varick Dining Table is a surprise. The table is mostly made of hardwood and its plain and sturdy wooden legs are edged with steel. But when the customer looks, there’s a square glass insert smack in the middle of the table, flush with the wood! That little glass center is perfect for a bowl of flowers, or a grouping of votive candles!

Viesso also sells bases that can be used to hold up glass tops, including the Newport dining table base and the Bennett dining table base. The urn shaped Newport base is carved of wood and can be had in black or white, while the Bennett base, with its more contemporary design, has wooden elements rising up from a steel frame. It comes in brown and white, but the picture on the website shows a black base.

Visit Viesso and check out their line of gorgeous and wonderfully designed glass topped dining tables!

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