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Furniture Showroom in West Hollywood

Consumers today are much more concerned about creating personal environments that represent not only their individual lifestyles, but also the ideal manner in which to shed the daily cares of the outside world. The home is becoming more and more of a haven as people recognize they can have more of a hand in its design, especially when it comes to selecting furniture.

A New Way of Handling Retail

At Viesso, we like to think that we have had a hand in this new trend. We have developed a completely new way of looking at the retail process, whereby customers play as much a part in the construction and design of their furniture choices as their imagination and needs permit.

At our furniture showroom in West Hollywood, California, our floor models function as examples. You can order furniture as is, or you can order a piece that is shaped to the inch, change the materials used for a leg or a drawer pull, find an exciting color and texture that fits your taste, choose a different cushion fill, create a unique slant for a sofa back, and more.

Creating Custom Solutions

Storage is another perfect example of where collaboration between Viesso and our customers creates exceptional results. Order your sectional with a hollowed out area in one of the arms, create extra space in the base of a bed, or a few cut outs in a nightstand… there are a myriad of ways to create custom storage solutions so that you never have to look at clutter in your home again.

Thinking of You as Co-Creators

The potential of almost every piece of furniture we carry lies in its unique and sophisticated craftsmanship where the possibility for incorporating options is inherent in the design. Because we think of you as co-creators, we encourage you to envision your desire as your personality and taste dictates.

Reflecting Your State of Mind

At Viesso, we have a complete dedication to helping you create to then fill it with functional and aesthetically pleasing elements that reflect a contemporary state of mind. We are convinced that a clearly defined home is one that harmonizes the psyche, functioning as a positive and calming influence on those days when you’re feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts. Coming home to a peaceful abode that calms with color, texture, and design is something that is easy to achieve with the furniture and accessories we have so carefully put together within our inventory.

Handpicked to Enhance Your Home or Office

We are not afraid to say that we are one of today’s most interesting furniture stores, with stock made not only by our own genius Viesso designers, but also those from other corners of the world. Every piece that we select for our West Hollywood furniture showroom, as well as our online store, is handpicked to enhance the home or office, with exceptional craftsmanship and a strong eye towards functionality.

Supplying an Extensive Choice of Styles

Our furniture choices are metaphors for the way we live our lives. By being able to customize your choices, you never have to feel like you are buying “off the shelf.” Whether your taste runs to classically styled, modern, minimalist, or more of an Asian Zen feeling, Viesso supplies an extensive choice that allows you to explore each and every design in these categories.

Eco-Conscious Furniture

Another area that is fast becoming one of our claims to fame is our Green furniture line, as well as our Green customizations that can be integrated with many of the pieces displayed in our showroom. With a deep concern for the environment, we at Viesso take pride in using locally sourced materials, as well as low chemical elements for use in construction. Choosing furniture made with eco-consciousness and attention to leaving as little a footprint as possible is another way customers can mirror their beliefs in furniture selection.

Tipping Our Hats to the Past

At Viesso we always tip our hats to the great furniture designers from the past, honoring their contributions and trying to emulate their vast creativity. Some of these greats include:

• Ray and Charles Eames, the husband and wife team who have inspired us by their fiberglass and molded plastic chairs, their sling seating, and so much more.
• The visionary Le Corbusier whose tubular chairs remain as contemporary today as they were when he created them.
• Mies van der Rohe, with his exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, upheld today by what still remains iconic, the Barcelona chair and table, amongst many others.

The Best Designs of the Future

With deep respect for the past, we pride ourselves for our consistent quest for finding the best designs of the future. Always looking for the latest innovations, our roster of exceptional North American furniture designers along with those from Europe, Canada and beyond are what makes our inventory so exciting and in demand.

You need only look at Henzel, the wonderfully forward-thinking Swedish company known for their exceptional textile designs. Benson, from Vancouver, Canada, is another great company, bringing new ideas to sleeper sofas, coffee tables, shelving and more.

The Spanish company, Marset, has illuminated our roster of star designers with their brilliant lighting ideas for every type of setting. From Barcelona, Spain, their table, standing, and overhead lamps are wonderful examples of forward thinking.

When it comes to eco-friendly outdoor furniture, Belgium’s Mamagreen brings forward its minimalistic, sophisticated sense of style with 15 different collections for lounging, playing by the pool, dining, and more.

A Showroom Filled with Inspiration

When it comes to helping customers create a living space that is comfortable, contemporary, and ahead of the trends, Viesso’s furniture showroom in West Hollywood along with our online store, is filled with inspiration. Additionally, our in-house design specialists are always ready to help you discover new ways to use your space, to express your dreams, and to see them fulfilled.

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