Get 15% of on Mamagreen Outdoor Furniture and Color Trends for 2014

Exciting news! Now you can get great deals on Mamagreen furniture. Until March 15, Viesso is offering a discount of 15% on all Mamagreen brand items. This sale includes all of their outdoor furniture items. Now is the perfect time for you to get ahead on revamping your patio for this spring. If you are looking for a minimal yet modern look, Mamagreen has you covered!

About Mamagreen

Designer Vincent Cantaert created Mamagreen in 2007. His aim was to create high-end, eco-friendly furniture with a modern look. Mamagreen furniture focuses on minimal styles and colors which are on point with outdoor furniture color trends for 2014.

Mamagreen furniture comes in a range of neutral colors such as black, white and taupe which offer a nice neutral way to feature the more brilliant aspects of your patio’s natural décor. You will enjoy the minimal details that are incorporated into the pieces such as the woven fabrics and the playful, abstract shapes that define the Mazzamiz sub-brand from Mamagreen. You will also find that Mamagreen’s minimal designs allow you to easily mix and match options for seating to create a unique look that is not necessarily uniform.

Mamagreen furniture is made from only the highest wood and steel and is designed to last. Mamagreen uses Marine steel and recycled teak which has an FSC certification to build their furniture to keep in line with their eco-friendly mission.

Mamagreen Furniture Selections

Mamagreen furniture is perfect for a backyard patio outdoor dining area or for beside the pool. This year’s outdoor trend is all about deep seating and tranforming your paio into an extension of your indoor relaxation areas. Viesso offers a range of tables, chairs, loungers, and more so that you can put together the perfect look for your patio. Here are a few of our top selections from the collection:

Color Trends for 2014

Natural woods are one of the top trends in furniture for 2014. Along with neutral colors, in 2014 blues, grays and yellows will increase in popularity. Mamagreen furniture is great for pairing with cushions in these bold colors. The idea is that while you should add a brush of color, the overall look of your patio furniture layout should not subtract from the natural surroundings.

Modern furniture designs featuring clean, straight lines are also trending. You should opt for furniture that features long legs made from solid materials such as wood and steel. These features allow your furniture to send a message that you are just borrowing the space from nature and not trying to completely redefine it.

Visit the Mamagreen page here to view some of our latest style options. Do you have questions about Mamagreen furniture? Get your questions answered below in the comments.

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