Get Back (yard) to Work

Heading to the office never felt – or looked – so good.

These backyard offices not only bring style, but they bring efficiency, productivity, and the perfect amount of quiet required to actually get some work done. Not to mention the incredibly easy commute. Forget about traffic, and drive-through coffee stops, you can take your mug from the kitchen right to the backyard.

Pending style choices, a backyard office can be chic, antique, rustic, inviting, or full of clean lines and white walls. You may have guessed this, but if we were to choose, we’d have to go with a modern outdoor office. Something just big enough for one or two, perhaps with a pup at the feet. Plenty of storage, a stylish modern couch, with some translucent furniture to make a small space seem larger. Pending the size and layout, a floating desk could be a perfect fit, and shelving is a must. A few modern ottomans for extra seats and extra storage, with some pops of color via accessories, like a red faux fur throw, and some bold modern lighting, and we’d be good to go.

Oh, and perhaps a phone, computer, fax, printer, and maybe a few other office necessities. Although, we wouldn’t mind using a backyard office as a no-technology backyard fort instead. We can dream, right?

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