Gift Guide: Fun Lovers

Last week we posted our first installment of some gift guides to help you with any last-minute present buying you may be doing. While that gift guide was all about Nature Lovers, this week we are focused on the silly, fun folks in your life. Whether that’s your younger brother, your favorite cousin, or the goofy little one you babysit, these gifts are perfect for many.

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Perfect for the friend who runs her own business – perhaps she’s a photographer or artist – the Wyzer Wall Clock will keep her on time for every meeting. Available in three color options, this bold hue keeps a perky feeling even as she’s racing toward a deadline.

Admittedly, the next gift up is not exactly, well, small. But while it can’t fit into a stocking, the James DeWulf Ping Pong Dinging Table is guaranteed to be the coolest multi-use gift of the season. This is a perfect find for your friends that just bought their first home, complete with a backyard. After everyone’s done playing ping pong, the table doubles for dining. And as we all know, ping pong really works up an appetite. Bonus: no need to wrap. Just stick a bow on top and you’re done!

For the little ones in your life, these Shadow Puppet Graphic Pillows would be a wonderful gift. They come in a set of four and if shadow puppets aren’t your thing, there’s a sports themed set and a vintage science option. After they’re opened and the excitement has calmed down, see if you can remake each image using your own hands. That should keep the kids busy at least until it’s their turn to open another gift.

And last but not least, for the music lover in your life, any of the Geneva Wireless Sound Systems are sure to be a hit. Available in various varieties, sizes and colors, Geneva systems use 80% less energy than a conventional hi-fi. Which reminds the gift recipient that it’s cool to care about Mother Earth even when you’re rocking out to your favorite tunes.

Next up in our gift guide collection? All about the Foodies. Stay tuned!

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