Gift Guide: Nature Lovers

For those who celebrate Christmas, holiday shopping has just about reached that frenzied level. Gifts for family members, friends, teachers, neighbors, and the list goes on and on. While most wouldn’t think to shop Viesso for gift items (it’s hard to fit a custom sofa in a stocking) we’ve created a few collections of some of our favorite smaller items to help you check another gift off the list.

First up? Nature lovers. More after the jump.

For the person who loves nature but would never be caught camping, the Lotus Flower Chandelier is a perfect match. She or he can admire the beauty of a flower without having to actually be near any fields.

Next up, this Phrenology Head is decorated beautifully with butterflies and friendly bugs, bringing nature right into the home without compromising style.

If birdwatching is a favorite past time, the Bodega Bird House is sure to be a smash hit as a gift. Not only do they add a touch of beauty to any backyard or front porch, they are almost always guaranteed to add some bird visitors, too.

And to really get nature into our daily lives, the Big Happy Family is the answer to your gift conundrum. Who could not love this charming piece, filled up with plants just waiting to greet you? This gift can easily work for younger or older loved ones.

Not what you’re looking for? Not to worry. You can always check out gift guide out, or stay tuned for the next Holiday Shopping guide posted here soon. Happy shopping!

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