Go Green and Sleep Well with Eco-Friendly Bed Frames

There are many reasons for wanting to use eco-friendly furniture at home, especially in your bedroom. Eco-friendly furniture provides comfort and elegance without destroying the environment or contributing to climate change. If you are concerned about the environment and want to keep harmful chemicals away from you while you sleep, investing in an eco-friendly bed frame is a good option. Here is a quick guide on how to shop for an eco-friendly bed frame so that you can make the best choice for your home.

Check Certifications

When you are searching for eco-friendly wood furniture, you need to check for the proper certifications. Furniture made in the United States needs to be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. or FSC. as made from sustainable managed forests. Locally made furniture, such as the custom furniture from Viesso, is much more eco-friendly since it requires less fuel and resources for transportation of the wood and other materials.

Look for Sustainable Harvesting

Hardwood or bamboo that has been harvested using sustainable practices is more eco-friendly that wood that has been cut in an uncontrolled manner from tropical or temperate forests. There are global certifications available to help you identify imported wood that has been harvested responsibly. Such wood is also greener than particle board made using chemicals such as formaldehydes.

Ask for Non-Toxic Manufacturing and Finish

When shopping for eco-friendly bed frames you also need to look at the manufacturing process and finish used. The bed frames should be finished with non-toxic, water-based adhesives, paints, and finishes. The manufacturing process must not involve the use of urea formaldehyde. This will help you avoid off-gas emissions in the bedroom and will keep your sleeping environment healthy and fresh. Select a bed frame that has an eco-friendly wax finish using pure beeswax or another natural finish.

In order to bring out the grain of the hardwood, many eco-friendly bed frames are hand polished using tung oil and linseed oil. This ensures that the bed frame is healthy to use and is also attractive to look at.

Find Out About Wastage

A truly eco-friendly furniture manufacturing process not only uses responsibly harvested wood and does not use chemicals, but also reduces wastage. Such a manufacturing process will reduce the production of scrap wood and ensure that it is used or recycled appropriately. Even saw dust can be converted into mulch.

Check the Woodworking Techniques

One way of reducing the carbon footprint and ensuring that no harmful chemicals are used when manufacturing furniture is to employ traditional wood working techniques. When you purchase a bed frame that uses techniques such as dovetail and mortise and tenon, you can be sure that fewer chemicals have been used in making the furniture.

Choose From a Variety of Woods

Surprisingly, opting for a green bed frame will not limit your décor options. You can choose from a variety of woods such as chemical-free unfinished oak, oak finished with light or dark linseed oil, reclaimed Douglas fir, North American ash, or solid maple. Bed frames made from these hard wood trees are long lasting and beautiful. The finish will bring out the inherent beauty of the grain and maintenance is not very difficult at all.

Rubber wood from Malaysia that has been harvested responsibly is another eco-friendly material that is used in bed frames. This wood is harvested after the rubber tree stops producing latex or natural rubber. The wood is hard and has a natural grain that ensures that the bed frame looks great even as it provides firm support for the mattress.

Explore Non-Wood Options

When you are looking for a green bed frame, you should also look at non-wood options. There are many excellent and high quality frames made from recycled steel. Another option is the bamboo bed frame. Bamboo is a sturdy, fast-growing grass that makes a viable alternative to wood in the manufacturing of furniture. If you plan to a buy bamboo bed frame, ask for the certification that shows the bamboo has been harvested responsibly.

Bedding and bed frames made using conventional materials are susceptible to off-gassing, the emission of harmful chemicals, and can cause allergies and illnesses in those who are sensitive to these chemicals. You can avoid many of these health problems by simply purchasing an eco-friendly bed frame instead.

Selecting a great looking bed frame that has been produced using eco-friendly materials and processes is simple with Viesso. Take a look at this part of our website to see how we can provide you with the options mentioned above…http://www.viesso.com/eco-friendly/eco-friendly-beds.html. Contact us or leave a comment if you require assistance with selecting a bed frame.

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