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Going Green: Embracing the Earth Tone Color Palette

When you think of your dream home, do you imagine it as a place filled with peace and tranquility? Of course, this is an ideal situation for many people, and earthy tones can help you create that. 

If you feel like connecting your home to nature and using your color scheme to reflect your commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly interiors, opting for earthy tones can help you set the tone. 

You might feel like your home lacks a sense of calm. The earth tone color palette will create a home that exudes a serene atmosphere and creates a place to unwind in. Are you ready to transform your home into a place full of natural light and peaceful colors?  


Defining Earth Tones and Discovering Their Beauty 

Earth tones are a variety of colors that link very closely to nature. Some examples include:

  • Terracotta
  • Shades of brown 
  • Muted yellows
  • Shades of green e.g., olive green 
  • Beige 
  • Rust

Using these colors together can create a timeless look of elegance. Just imagine yourself gazing at the sunset. Or, picture trekking through lush forests and taking in the different shades of green and brown around you. 

By incorporating earth tones into your home, you can bring this peaceful and inviting feeling to your space. 

Furthermore, these colors complement each other perfectly. So, you can use a combination of them all in each room without worrying about overcrowding or bombarding your space with excessive color. Instead, you can just embrace the pleasant feeling each shade gives off and let it grace your home interior. 

Why You Should Choose Earth Tones For Your Home 

Creating an earthy space in your home is a popular choice that a lot of people opt for. The different shades within the earth tone color palette can work in a range of rooms, and if you want to, you can use this same theme throughout your whole house. Here are some other reasons why choosing earth tones is a good interior move:

Timeless Chic 

The earth tone color palette will not go out of style. Instead, it will be timelessly chic and effortless, exuding a tranquil feel over a long period of time. The colors are attractive and classic, so you don't need to worry about keeping up with any changing trends; this color palette will serve you for a while. 

Highly Versatile 

Using this attractive color palette will also serve you with its highly versatile advantage, as the colors will match a range of interior designs and styles. Furthermore, you can actually pair earth tones with a wide range of colors, and they'll seamlessly slip into your space and blend in as they adapt to your specific style. 

Celebrate Nature at Home 

Using natural, earthy tones will allow you to feel connected to nature in your own home. Think of enchanting sandy beaches or refreshingly beautiful green forests, and think about how ideal it'll feel to bring these to life in your own home. Earth tones connect you with nature, and they can make you feel more grounded and peaceful as a result. Imagine yourself drifting back into your serene place and recharging your energy after a busy, long day. 

Pure Peace 

Due to the connection with nature, you can use this color palette to design a home that exudes calmness. The colors help you connect with your inner peace, and guests will feel a sense of tranquility float upon them when they enter your home. 

Using Earth Tones in Your Space: The Calming Transformation 

Using earth tones in your home could be the missing touch it needs. For every room of your house, from living rooms to bedrooms and bathrooms, there is a way you can use this color palette to elevate the space. Here are some ideas:

Paint With Earthy Colors 

Using an earthy color in your home can really set the tone of that peaceful atmosphere you're striving for. By painting the walls of your rooms with earthy tones, you can opt for other tones within the color palette to match. For example, paint your wall an olive green color to create an earthy accent wall in your living room. Or opt for a soft brown in your bedroom that you can match your decor to. 

If you have terracotta tiles in any of your rooms, they'll work really well with beige and off-white walls. If you want to fully relax, create an earthy bedroom by painting one wall an off-white or light brown color. Or, paint the rest of your walls white and opt for a statement wall that's green with earthy bedroom decor to offer a contrast. 


Create Natural Light

Natural light is always an excellent option in a home. If possible, make the most of any large windows by painting the wall around them an earthy tone. You can also use mirrors to create the illusion of a larger and more spacious look. This will make your room look a lot more vibrant and bright and open it up completely. 

You can do this in any room in your house, and it'll even work great in your hallways or on the wall up the stairs. Look around for mirrors with unusual or different shapes, or opt for coffee tables with reflective surfaces to create an open room that's extremely elegant and full of light. 

Incorporate Greenery 

It doesn't get more earthy than the color of an actual plant, so bring greenery indoors to elevate your home. There are so many options when it comes to house plants, and the freshness of the green will completely transform your space. Introduce hanging baskets or potted plants in terracotta or beige pots to create contrast. 

You can use greenery to make a statement in your room and choose large pots, or you can use little ones to blend in with the existing color scheme. Not only will the greenery make your home look more contemporary and sleek, but the combination of the green with the earthy tones will help to radiate peace and tranquility throughout your home. 

Opt for Earthy Decor 

Are you trying to create an earth tone living room? Alongside the painted walls, mirrors, and greenery, using natural wood furniture will add to the rustic and peaceful feel. Here are some ideas based on the particulate rooms in a home:

Bedroom: To give off that natural look, opt for a wooden bed frame in your bedroom. Due to its neutral color, choosing a light brown wood frame will be very versatile. You can match your bedding to the frame with green cotton sheets for some color or even beige linen to create a breathable space and a fresh look. 

The Odeon Bed is a sturdy option with a scalloped headboard for an extra hint of style. It’s made with solid oak wood and comes in a white oak and walnut color.


Dining room: Oak tables make a statement in a dining room, and you can opt for chairs to match. Oak or teak wood is also incredibly sturdy and durable. 

You can choose dining chairs that match the color of the table and even use olive green or light orange fabric upholstered chairs to add a pop of interest and contrast. 

The Oak Bok Round Extendable Dining Table is a great example as it’s made from solid oak and will add a neutral look to your dining room.  

Oak Bok Round Extendable Dining Table by Ethnicraft, showing front view of bok round extendable dining table.

Living room: Rattan furniture, such as a bookcase or a sofa and chairs, will also enhance your room and add to the earthy look. The material is super natural and will look great alongside the other colors in the palette. Feel free to add some texture and color with rugs and cushions, too. 

The Nest Indoor Sofa is weaved by experts in Indonesia, making it a natural and beautiful addition to your space. It offers a modern look, and you can add a pop of color to it with green cushions or an orange throw. 

Nest Indoor Sofa by Cane-Line - 3-Seater, White Scent Textile Set.

Use Earthy Flooring Options 

Flooring is really important for your home decor to flow. Earthy flooring, like terracotta tiles, natural stone, or wood, will create an eye-catching and sleek look. You can match the rest of the furniture in the room with the flooring, as this natural look will certainly give off a polished yet calming result. 

Decorate with Earthy Accessories 

Earthy accessories and decor will really elevate your space and create a lot of interest in each room. You can decorate a white or off-white room with soft beige and green throws and rugs, plant pots, kitchen accessories, and pillows and cushions. You can also use lanterns or candle holders to help create a peaceful ambiance in your house. A nice idea for this is to use large ones in your entryway to make a statement to guests upon arrival. 

The Sweep Rattan Basket is not only useful for storage, but it’ll go great alongside a neutral color palette. You can fill it with an olive green throw or even some beige pillows. 

Sweep Rattan Basket by Cane-Line - Round/Natural.

Final Thoughts 

Embracing the earth tone color palette can completely transform your home and create a peaceful and tranquil space. By using the colors in harmony together, calmness will radiate from your space, and you'll feel nothing but calm as you deep breathe amongst the natural light and charming colors. 

At Viesso, we have a large selection of items that will fit seamlessly into the earth tone color palette. Whether you want a large oak dining table or a rustic coffee table, we can help you go green and turn your home into a place full of tranquility and style. 

For more information or advice, feel free to contact us today. Or, for more home decor inspiration, read our blog, "All About Modern Rustic Interior Design." 

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