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With our mission to be at the forefront of modern furniture design and manufacture, we at Viesso made a commitment the moment we created our product line to devote our energies to eco-friendly practices. Our dedication to helping our clients protect their health and the health of the environment is at the forefront of every decision we make, whether it has to do with taking on a new line of merchandise or creating original pieces for our own label.

Unsustainable Furniture: The Wave of the Past

As everyone knows by now, there are by far too many indoor materials that pollute our homes on a continuous basis. As these toxic elements are released, they stay in the air for long periods of time, subtly making their way into our neurological and respiratory systems. High chemical-use furniture, such as pieces that use toxic glue, and non-organic fabrics that emit elements too fine to calibrate, are rapidly becoming the wave of the past.

Sustainability Tailored to Contemporary Taste

At Viesso we are concerned about the eco-system and feel it is our duty to offer our consumers Green products that represent a higher consciousness when it comes to choice. And because we know that our clients are particular about aesthetics, we have developed an eco-friendly line that is exquisitely tailored to the most contemporary taste

Doing Our Part

We believe that luxury and comfort can easily go hand in hand with functionality and specific attention to Green practices. In this regard, we use certified timber that is designated for harvesting. This means that trees are grown expressly for this purpose, with new trees planted the moment another is cut in order to prevent deforestation. At Viesso, we want to partner with you to do our part in reducing waste, preventing unnecessary logging practices, and to help reduce global warming.

Improving and Enhancing Your Home

Our use of bamboo, that tough, durable, and fast growing grass that is becoming the star of furniture design, as well as locally sourced SFI certified alder hardwood and other sustainable woods, is one of the ways we keep to our eco-conscious credo. We want to help you improve and enhance the look of your home while attending to the environment. We also want to make sure that we do this affordably so that there is no excuse for you not to buy Green!

Sustainable Fabrics

Our use of sustainable fabrics is another way we help you to have a healthy, toxin-free living environment. Using cotton, natural linen, and wool, we eliminate the presence of harmful chemicals and pesticides that are used to grow their non-organic counterparts.

Cotton and Wool

Cotton is an incredibly versatile fabric, with options for many different types of weaves and textures. Cotton designs can be delicate or rustic, and when you buy organic it means that no genetically modified seeds have been planted. Additionally, organic cotton guarantees that no pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides have been used for growth, that there has been frequent crop rotation to promote a healthy environment for growth, and that all techniques have been designed to promote a healthy ecosystem. Using organic wool ensures that the sheep from whence it comes have been fed with sustainable foods and have been treated humanely.

Recycled Materials

Our inclusion of recycled fabrics is another way we show our commitment to reducing energy consumption when it comes to manufacture. We believe in lowering the amount of waste and producing more from less, which is evident in our practice of building furniture only when you order it, so that we have no unnecessary left-overs or unused raw materials.

Its All in the Details

At Viesso, the details count. We recognize that it takes a lot to know how to create intelligently made sustainable furniture, and we have perfected our ability to do this, from the top to bottom of each product we offer. From our locally sourced hardwood frames to our natural jute webbing and wool decks for sofas and other spring-based furniture, to the Extreme Green foam option that consists of 100% natural latex for upholstery fillings, we take the time to make eco-friendly furniture from the inside, out.

Some beautiful Green design furniture examples are evident in the following pieces, which represent just a mere smattering of our inventory at Viesso:

The Pel Chair, Loveseat and Sofa Collection

In a superlatively modern, clean retro style, we’ve created a gorgeous set made of completely sustainable materials that are good for your health and the environment. Choose from a range of sustainable fabrics and know that you’re creating a magazine-worthy space that you can be proud of.

The Strata Cinema Sofa

When you’re ready to create your own personal home theater space, there is no better way to do it than by selecting this deeply framed piece that makes movie watching a fabulous luxury. Here you can relax and chill with friends, using the wide middle arm for your popcorn and drinks. The low, wide side arms allow those extra guests comfy seating, and you can even order these arms with hollowed centers for storage. Made of all natural components, you will earn your bragging rights to both style and eco-consciousness.

Green Beds

Our Green beds made of eco materials are exceptional pieces for a healthy, stylish place to rest your body. Made with locally sourced hardwood frames and natural fabric options, you can also select our Extreme Green foam, made up of 100% natural latex.

The Buden Bed Collection

Made with that fast growing grass known as bamboo, the Buden is one of our most popular when it comes to simplicity and eco-friendliness. With hidden drawers and cut-outs beneath, you have a completely utilitarian way to store your extra materials. Customize the color, size, and storage options and you have a unique bed that will enhance your bedroom, naturally.

The Bramo Bed Collection

Its sleek, thin platform makes this bed an ideal space saver. The classic design hides the mattress and makes a bold statement with its important headboard that offers you optional tufting or quilting. Fully customizable, the bed uses sustainable materials for every option.

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