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Green Furniture Online Store

When we created our Viesso store in 2005, we wanted to provide customers with contemporary furniture that they could not find elsewhere, especially all in one place. Our online store became one of the best moves we could make, attracting people from all over the United States and beyond.

Making Furniture Shopping a Pleasure

In the creation of our online store, the idea was to provide customers with an easy way to optimize and order from our continually growing inventory. Knowing how precious time has become in our fast-paced world, our goal was to make furniture shopping a pleasure that could be experienced while sitting at home, with no extra parking required!

Representing Forward Thinkers

Viesso represents the forward-thinker. We’re not bragging, as we’ve been called this by many who recognize our dedication to modern ways of thinking, living, and handling ourselves on this precious planet of ours.

Leaving a Small Footprint

In this regard, our commitment to leaving as small a footprint as possible has made us the furniture company of choice when it comes to Green furniture. As leaders in eco-friendly construction and manufacture, we are continually making an impact by proving that Green furniture can be as elegant, classy, and aesthetic as anything you might find in a conventional showroom.

Encouraging a Healthy Home

We encourage a healthy home. This means judicious attention to the methods with which we create every piece of furniture we offer. We have also partnered with other furniture designers who share the same ethic. It is clear that our customers are becoming more educated about what it takes to have a toxin-free environment, not just in terms of cleaning products, but also when it comes to the elements that comprise a bed, sofa, dining table, and all else.

Promoting a Sustainable Environment

Learning all of the most effective and current techniques for ensuring that your space remains as pure as it can be, we utilize the best building techniques for promoting a sustainable environment. This means employing low chemical use protocols and non-toxic processes. It also means making sure that during the process of wood selection, the integrity of local wildlife and soil is never compromised. It means that stream buffers are created for the health of the area, that no forests are destroyed, that only natural seeds are used for fabric growth, and that no pesticides are sprayed on plants.

A Pro-Eco Co.

At Viesso, we are extremely conscientious about our Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label, which is our guarantee that we approach our business with the utmost integrity. Using locally sourced hardwood such as alder and maple, along with bamboo, we maintain the standard that has been so integral to our reputation as a pro-eco company.

Healthy Wood Processing

All of our wood is kiln dried to avoid warping. We also use what is called a “hot process,” which heats thin slices of wood for plywood, easily attaching each layer to the other without the use of chemicals.

Low Chemical Use

All of our Green furniture is made with low chemical use and non-toxic processes. Here are some of the applications we use:

• Eco-friendly stains and sealants that contain no biocides or preservatives, but instead are made of aliphatic mineral spirits that are found in natural plant waxes and oils
• Clear coat, water-based elements that are non-hazardous and non-flammable
• Water-based glue that has the lowest amount of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and that give off no odor and are non-flammable
• Natural latex found in the sap of rubber trees, which is biodegradable and mold, mildew, and bacteria resistant.

Adhering to the Strictest Standards

We also use the bare minimum of formaldehyde necessary for the structural integrity of our furniture, which is well below the amount proscribed E1 European standards, known for being the strictest in world. Additionally, the natural off-gassing that occurs when wood is fabricated occurs during the very initial process, rather than when it is applied to our Viesso furniture.

Ensuring a Non-Toxic Environment

Using natural down and feathers garnered from birds that are being raised for food, we make sure that these elements are cleaned with non-toxic substances to ensure that your product remains pristine and safe. Our durable, fire-resistant eco wool coverings for sofas and chairs also ensure a non-toxic environment.

Recycled and Natural Fibers

Recycled and natural fibers are our fabric materials of choice. Manufactured with attention to a reduced environmental impact they all come from a chemical-free setting.


Using bamboo in many of our furniture designs is another example of a beautiful and intelligent way to construct furniture. Because bamboo is actually a grass, it grows extremely quickly, replenishing itself through its vast root system and production of new shoots. Take a look at our many bamboo products, including our famous Buden bed for exquisite examples of how you can create a contemporary and eco-intelligent look for your home.

Some Examples from Our Inventory

Here is a very short list of Green furniture that you can find in our online Viesso store:

The Anson 72”

Here is a perfect example of a sofa with impeccable tailoring, requiring no assembly whatsoever. With its quality 8-gauge spring system, the comfort level of this Green beauty is exceptional. Made in our Los Angeles factory, the Anson model also comes as a custom chair, armless chair, and ottoman.

The Bamboo Float 2 Seater with End Tables

This Asian-style combination sofa with end tables is made of truly sustainable materials. Using bamboo and natural upholstery, the seamless design includes built-in padding to ensure extreme comfort within a minimalist design.

The Bruno Bed

A modern platform bed made by the New York-based company, Area, you can choose a frame made of solid Walnut or American white oak, both made with an oil finish. Alternatively, you can select a model made of Solid ash with a water-based wash finish. Sporting die cast aluminum legs and supports, the Bruno creates a streamline silhouette for any bedroom.

The Knar Dining Tables

Order the Knar as a square or rectangle and you will have the perfect example of eco-consciousness combined with innovative design. Coming in several FSC certified wood options, this wood and glass table is finished with natural linseedoil and features raised pegs to create a utilitarian storage area underneath.

Holistic Alternatives

At Viesso, we offer holistic alternatives for furnishing your home. Always looking for a better way to provide you with the best in form and function, look to our Green furniture online store for the many products that will compliment your own commitment to good environmental practices.

Contact Us

For more information on our eco-friendly and Extreme Green products, please contact us using our online Contact Us form, or by calling 877.8.VIESSO.

Green Furniture Online Store

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