Green Furniture: Saving the World a Couch at a Time

Creating green furniture has become an art form, and the Los Angeles-based furniture company Viesso, seems to have mastered the art. With a mission to save the world one couch at a time, their eco-friendly practices are catching on with consumers who share the vision for reducing their footprints while supporting healthful protocols for the planet and for themselves.

Conscious Techniques, Wise Selection, Excellent Design

A great deal of thought goes into creating eco-friendly pieces that not only are thoroughly sustainable, but also that uphold a highly refined and contemporary aesthetic. Fusing conscious building techniques with wise selection and excellent design is one of Viesso’s trademarks, which is why their furniture is turning up in more and more homes around the country.
Sustainable Resources

Some of the elements that go into the company’s green couches include locally sourced hardwood frames, natural jute webbing, wool decks, and natural or recycled fabrics that are stylish, functional, and progressive. The idea behind each sofa is that it is consciously made from the inside out, using sustainable resources such as alder, bamboo, maple, and cork and processes that do not create toxins.

Eco-Friendly Wood and Stains

All the wooden sofa frames in the Viesso collection are made of locally sourced alder, with bamboo used as the base material for all their exposed wood products such as are found in beds, desks, and tables. Considered a grass, bamboo grows fast and doesn’t require replanting as it replenishes itself easily via an opulent root system that sends up new shoots constantly. Plywood made from the grass is created through what is called a “hot process” where the wood is heated so that layers can be attached one to the other. The company uses a bare minimum of formaldehyde to provide structural integrity, an amount well below E1 European standards, which are far more rigorous than those in the United States. Any off-gassing that occurs happens as the wood is being made rather than when it is being applied to one of Viesso’s products. Subsequently applying eco-friendly stains to the wood’s natural grain creates a unique piece of furniture destined to stand the test of time.

Eco-Friendly Sealants

Using eco-friendly sealants is another way the company adheres to its policy of environmental responsibility. Containing no preservatives or biocides, these liquids are made up of low odor aliphatic mineral spirits derived from plant oils and waxes. The clear coat sealants are water-based, making them both non-flammable and non- hazardous. Through the use of water based glue on exposed wood products, as well as upholstery, far less volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions are released than found with conventional substitutes. Here again, the product becomes less flammable and releases no noxious odor.

FSC Certified

The use of FSC Certified Maple for the inner structure of their exposed wood products means a lot when it comes to the company’s integrity and commitment to protecting our forests. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) regulates and authenticates practices having to do with growing and harvesting trees. It makes sure that in the process of tree selection, stream buffers are created, wildlife habitat is not compromised, and soil erosion is prevented through responsible means. Materials that carry a FSC label can confidently be purchased with the knowledge that no forest was destroyed in the process of procuring wood. The company’s use of locally sourced alder as an option for sofa legs also conforms with FSC practices.

Natural Latex

Another important element used in the creation of eco-friendly sofas and other furniture is natural latex. When online Viesso customers choose to customize a product, they simply choose the Green option, which automatically means that every piece is handled with optimum sensitivity to the environment. Using a natural latex that originates from the sap of rubber trees, means that your sofa is created with a naturally derived biodegradable substance that performs just as well as its conventional counterpart. Another benefit of using this product is the inability of mold, mildew, and bacteria to live inside of latex foam, making it a must for any home dweller. Durable and resilient, this foam makes for an extremely comfortable experience when sitting or sleeping. With its naturally fire resistant eco- wool cover, you have a sofa or chair that is non-toxic, safe, and exquisitely crafted.

Natural Down and Feathers

Viesso’s green collection also incorporates natural down and feathers from birds raised for food. This provides sofas with a comfort and depth that makes one melt right into the furniture. Whether customized with 25% or 50% down, and the remaining space is filled with feathers cleaned with non-toxic substances rendering them immaculate and safe.

Recycled or Natural Fibers

One of the fundamentals of eco-friendly craftsmanship is the incorporation of recycled or natural fibers. Whichever of the two are used, the fact that these materials are manufactured in a manner that reduces environmental impact is what is causing more and more customers to choose the green option when customizing their sofas and other pieces of furniture on the company’s site.

Finding Everything You Need

The passion that Viesso feels for green practices is evident in its choice of partners. With many other designers affiliated with the company also choosing materials that create low environmental impact, customers are finding everything they need to furnish their apartments, lofts, and homes. And with the Extreme Green option, they can go even farther with their own eco-friendly stance by customizing the model of their choice with an even greater emphasis on all natural materials.

A Forward-Minded Company Making Its Mark

All products created by the company are made in Los Angeles, ensuring high supervision, no overseas shipping costs added on to price, shorter lead time, and the lowest possible environmental impact. Supporting the local economy by using local products is yet another way this forward-minded company makes its mark.
For more information on how Viesso is reducing its footprint or to browse their selection of green furniture, visit our store or call us at 877.8.VIESSO today!

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