High Profile vs. Low Profile Couch - Which is Right for You?

If you are trying to select the perfect sofa back height for your new modern sofa, it is important to understand how sofa measurements are taken. Sofa measurements are a combination of the seat height, seat depth and back height. The back pitch angle is also important. Here are a few tips to ensure that you select the ideal sofa back height for your new sofa.

Low Profile Sofas

Sofas that have a low profile tend to look more modern and sophisticated. They can even provide the illusion of spaciousness in a room that is smaller than average. If your ceilings are 8 feet high or lower, a low profile couch can make the ceiling appear higher than it is.

For shorter adults, low profile sofas offer the highest level of comfort when the seat height is slightly less than the normal average. A low profile couch can be especially helpful for elderly individuals. When seated, a person’s feet should touch the floor. The knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle when seated in order to make it easier to get up.

High Profile Sofas

For individuals that are overweight, a high profile sofa can likely offer the most comfort. An adult that is overweight will put more pressure on the sofa’s seat cushions, which means that they will sit lower to the ground than normal weight individuals. The depth of the seat and the angle of the back is important for guaranteeing comfort.

This height is often the best option for taller individuals as well because the knees are able to bend at an angle that is more comfortable. Shorter individuals may not be comfortable sitting on a high-backed sofa. However, lying down can be quite comfortable and a high profile sofa can be comfortable for sleeping on for shorter individuals.

For homes with high ceilings, a high-backed sofa is recommended. The sofa can be used to create a focal point within the room.

Usage Considerations

If you are trying to determine which sofa option is best for your home, start by determining who is the tallest person in your household. If you are petite, a minimal seat depth and back height may work fine. However, if you are taller, you will likely need a sofa back that is higher in order to provide adequate support for your back.

Your new sofa should help to keep your back in proper alignment. In order to create support for your lower back without comprising your shoulders, opt for a back height roughly 12-16″ higher than the seat.

The most important thing to keep in mind as you select a sofa for your living room is your own comfort. If you plan to use the sofa often, there is no point in selecting a sofa that merely looks good but does not adequately support your back. In addition, there is no requirement that all of the seating options match each other in a room with regards to seat height. Feel free to mix and match to create the perfect balance of furniture heights in your space.

Don’t Forget About Other Measurements

While selecting the right back height is important for the style of your sofa, as well as, the comfort level during use, don’t forget about the other dimensions. The seat depth can play a significant factor in the comfort level of the furniture. Sofas with seats that are too deep will be uncomfortable. If you plan to entertain guests frequently, opt for a smaller seat depth so that the guests can comfortably sit and stand without straining.

Accent pillows can also help to make up for issues with the sofa dimensions when you have guests over. Adding accent pillows will ensure that your guests always have adequate back support.

If you are not sure what back height is best for your new modern sofa, come into our showroom in Los Angeles and try out our offerings. You can also get suggestions from one of our furniture experts online now. Or checkout out modern sofa collection.

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