High Quality Contemporary Furniture

With today's uncertain economy, consumers are more value-conscious. The discerning buyer knows that quality need not cost a fortune and that the lowest price doesn't always mean the best value. Buying a large piece of furniture is an investment. Timeless designs will look good in a home for years to come, eliminating the need to replace poorly-made pieces that don't stand up to normal household use. Viesso offers customizable, modern furniture that will stand the test of time in terms of appearance and quality construction.

Why purchase from a bulk-manufacturer when you can buy furnishings that you have customized according to your own personal tastes? Our furniture is constructed to your specifications. Custom furniture is not built until you order it, thus minimizing wasted materials, time, and labor. Viesso is committed to using eco-friendly materials that reduce waste and promote sustainability. Viesso's own exclusive line is also locally manufactured.

Viesso has an entire line of green options utilizing locally-sourced woods, renewable bamboo, recycled materials, water-based adhesives, and the most environmentally-friendly, low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) stains and sealants available. The OrganicPedic® Flora 100% natural latex mattress is manufactured to strict specifications. There are no chemical additives present in this all-natural, organic mattress, which is also hypo-allergenic and mold/mildew-resistant. Our elegant line of pool furniture is constructed of environmentally-friendly materials, such as FSC-certified recycled teak wood and recyclable stainless steel. See the bottom of every product page and check the How It's Green tab to find more information about other products. Viesso is constantly searching for new ways to reduce consumption and waste and to use more eco-friendly practices.

Furniture should not only be constructed from the best materials possible, it should also be beautiful. Viesso offers furniture and accessories that are impeccably designed with a modern style that is both contemporary and timeless. Many pieces feature clean lines and a minimalist esthetic. These designs pair well with personalized artwork and colors, imparting an understated elegance that defines sophistication and simplicity.

Have small children or pets? Viesso offers many stain-resistant fabrics to choose from that are sturdy and easy-to-clean. Have an oddly-shaped space that needs seating? Choose from our wide selection of sectionals, ottomans, and chaises to find the perfect solution to your design dilemma. Our easily navigable website guides you through the customization process, where you choose the size, finish, and materials to be used in the construction of your furniture. You are welcome to request fabric samples and our helpful staff is happy to assist you in making the right choices for your needs and budget. Your order will be fulfilled in most cases within three weeks and delivered to your door.

Viesso is dedicated to providing top-quality products that retain their value and make the least impact on the environment. Viesso only carries brands from companies that share its vision and philosophy of green living and sustainability. When you buy from Viesso, you can be assured that your new purchase will provide a functional, durable, and beautiful asset to your home. For your high quality contemporary furniture, contact Viesso today!

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