Hit The Deck

Get those grills out, because this weekend officially launches us into Summer! If you experienced a brutal winter this year, as most of the country did, you’ve definitely earned the sunshine season. To celebrate the start, we’re looking to one of our favorite places in any home: the deck.

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We love this deck for the juxtaposition of the lines of the chairs, tables, and the actual wood of the deck. The neutral wood color feels inviting yet polished at the same time.

This modern deck is a showstopper. Not only does it offer multiple seating areas, but the easy access to the pool, and back into the house, make for a seamless transition between activities. The U-shape feature of the home itself makes this a great place for kids to play, as adults in the home can keep an eye on them from nearly any angle.

This deck makes us think of one thing: family. What a perfect gathering spot for summer barbecues, graduation parties, and weekend get-togethers. With plenty of space to accommodate lots of guests, the built-in benches provide necessary extra seating. Small conversations could easily be had in this space, while also allowing for everyone to gather in the center for a game. Charades, anyone?

Last but not least, this modern deck presents a rustic retreat to relax in. We envision coming out to this deck early in the morning with a cup of coffee, a newspaper, and total peace and quiet. Later in the day, a meal could be shared at the table, and a serene dip in the hot tub in the evening would round out a full day spent in this space.

What would your dream deck look like? What type of stain would you select to finish the wood? What kind of furniture? Let us know in the comments!

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