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Viesso has rapidly become one of the most popular furniture companies for our wide range of products that fit today’s modern lifestyle. Customers interested in creating a home design that is comfortable, flexible, innovative, and affordable are flocking to our California showroom, as well as our online store, to order contemporary custom furniture made by some of the top creators in the industry.

Fitting Any Piece to the Inch

One of the many attractions at Viesso is our ability to fit almost any piece into your space by customizing it to the inch. By providing solutions for all types of environments and tastes, we are able to accommodate even the most challenging demand. Whether you have a tiny studio apartment, an expansive loft, an odd shaped living room that confounds even the most serious decorator, or endless amounts of square meters that seem impossible to fill, we have the wherewithal to come to the rescue.

Doing it Right

Through time, we keep acquiring more and more accolades, along with loyal customers and great word-of-mouth, letting us know we’re doing something right. Among others, Entrepreneur Magazine has honored Viesso by placing us in their Social Responsibility category, claiming that we’re among the 10 top small businesses to watch.

A Green Ethic

Always looking ahead, we get a huge amount of pleasure in constantly discovering new ways to create great a great aesthetic through contemporary concepts that spell functionality and comfort. And with our dedication to making as small a footprint as possible on this planet of ours, we try to do so with a keen attention towards furniture that is in keeping with our Green ethic.

Customized With the Environment in Mind

As customers the world over pay more attention to what it takes to make a cleaner environment, at Viesso, we are finding that our Green furniture line made with locally sourced materials is becoming more and more popular. For this reason, we have also made sure that most of the other products in our inventory can be customized with the environment in mind. This means finding alternative ways of making furniture using viable elements that help move us forward to a more conscious world.

A Clean and Green Credo

Some of the ways in which we uphold our clean and Green credo are by using the following elements as much as we can:

• Bamboo
• FSC certified hardwoods
• Natural latex
• Natural down and feathers
• Recycled and natural fibers
• Water-based glue
• Green wood stains and sealants
• Natural jute webbing
• Wool decks for couches and chairs

Customizing to Fit Your Lifestyle

As the number one home furnishing company in the Santa Monica area and beyond, we recognize that every customer is unique. For this reason, our furniture can never be considered as something “off the rack,” as almost every piece we carry is customizable to fit your lifestyle, personality, and taste.

Change the color, add a new slant and material for that chair leg, substitute chromed steel for wood, add a new texture, select a durable fabric to stand up to your pets and kids, find a new storage solution, pick another type of drawer pull… these are just some of the ways you can make our available furniture your own.

Unearthing Your Inner Interior Decorator

At Viesso, we want to help you unearth your inner interior decorator. We allow you to use your imagination, giving you a plethora of options. Buy as you see it in our showroom, or change things around. We want you to be able to personalize your home, as we know this is your private castle where you unwind and feel most yourself.

Helping You Make Decisions

Our Viesso design specialists are always available to help you make decisions and give you pertinent advice if you need it, such as how to create a more linear look for a sofa (use foam-filled cushions to create a stronger line) or to create a plush, soft sensation in that chair (use feather-stuffed cushions).

A Plethora of Options

Choosing just the right piece of furniture for your space can be a challenge. At Viesso, all you have to do is explain your needs and tell us the dimensions of your space, and we can provide you with a range of possibilities that correspond to your space. Are you a professional lounger? We might then recommend a sectional with a low frame and wide arms to support your glass of wine and that stack of magazines. Are you dedicated to entertaining your business associates? We might suggest something more formal.

Is your living room small? The Pel Loveseat, with its classically retro look sporting a slanted back and tapered arms might just be the right fit for your space. Is your loft in need of a change? Take a look at the Carmichael Loft Series featuring high-backed stylishly industrial couches designed for a large loft space.

Attention to Line and Form in Service to Space

Always with a sense of minimalism in mind, we believe in providing furniture that emphasizes the essential elements, with attention to line and form in service to space. Thinking always of the “less is more” concept, we see our furniture as a metaphor for physical and mental clarity, which is what contemporary design is all about.

Combination Tables

In this regard, take a gander at Innovation’s beautifully created Combination Tables. As excellent choices for small spaces, they are sturdy beauties with their chrome legs, metal construction, and lacquered surfaces.

The DeWulf Scaffolding Coffee Table

For the ultimate in inventive design, you only have to look at James DeWulf’s Scaffolding Coffee Table with its solid concrete top and its legs made of reclaimed scaffolding. Here is the perfect example of creating an environment that is as functional as it is artistic, making the DeWulf line one of the most sought after by contemporary design aficionados.

The Zeal Deluxe

Beds are one of Viesso’s favorite pieces of furniture, as they are the key element in providing you with the comfort you most deserve. The Zeal Deluxe sofa bed has a simple design that is perfect for supporting you in an afternoon siesta or giving an overnight guest a chance to deeply dream.

The Buden

Our Buden storage bed in bamboo can be created with add-on drawers and cutouts for extra storage at the bottom, base, and headboard areas. No need to deal with clutter when you have a bed and a closet all in one!

The Worth

The beautiful Asian-inspired Worth bed is a sleek example of a low profile hardwood frame with matching nightstands. The upholstered headboard and pine-slatted mattress support system make it a sophisticated and blissfully comfortable choice for any size bedroom.

The Zeta Eco Fireplace

Our attitude towards home furnishings doesn’t stop with the obvious. Viesso is always looking for ways to enhance your living experience, and with this in mind we have an impeccable variety of portable Eco Fireplaces to choose from. With their lack of harmful emissions, you can spend an evening contemplating your navel, sipping a glass of sherry, or drifting off to dreamland as you watch the flames dance on your walls and ceiling. Try the Zeta Fireplace, an elliptical wonder with its stainless steel or chrome plate base, iron-toughened Starfire glass shade, and leather cover.

Contact Us

We can talk all we want about the home furnishings we provide, but the only way to really understand the impact of what we offer is to visit us in our Santa Monica area showroom or online. For more information on our extraordinary line of modern furniture and more, please contact us by calling 877.8.VIESSO.

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