How Do You Mix and Match Tables in a Living Room?

Mixing and matching tables in the living room can add a personal flavor and elevate the space's aesthetic. However, you should be careful in how you achieve this unsymmetric style. You want to add contrast and texture to the room without making a piece of furniture stick out like a sore thumb.  

Accent tables can serve a great function in adding style and functionality to any room of your house. You can use these tables as standalone pieces of furniture or paired with a coffee table to add a sense of style to the room.

If done right, mixing and matching tables in your living room can elevate its look and feel, giving it a unique vibe that reflects your personality.

In this post, let’s explore the world of living room tables and see how mixing and matching them can transform your room into a piece of art!

Do tables in a living room have to match?

There is no design rule saying that tables in a living room need to match. You can mix and match your living room tables to your heart’s desire as long as the designs complement each other.

Many think matching tables in their living room will make it look sophisticated and elegant. While there might be some truth to that, too much symmetry does more harm than good. Matching pieces of furniture, especially tables, might make your room feel like a page out of a catalog, needing more personal style and flair.

On the other hand, carefully mixing and combining different table styles and shapes allows you to create a look that makes your living room stand out. You can experiment with different materials, designs, and colors to give your living room a certain personality that vibes with your own.

Ideas to quickly mix and match living room accent tables

Mixing and matching different styles of tables can make your living room feel more eclectic and welcoming. Here are a few ideas to quickly mix and match living room accent tables to elevate the look of the living area in your house.

By material

Wooden tables are fantastic. However, contrary to what you might think, there are several options in terms of color, types of wood, and finishes. Some of the best wood for furniture are teak, mango, oak, and ash. These woods vary greatly in color and pattern.

Combining tables made from different kinds of wood creates an organic mix that always looks aesthetic and elegant. The different grains and patterns of different wood types can add texture to your living room furniture.

Pay attention to the undertones of the wood. While contrasting tones in wooden tables work, you should ensure that the styles complement each other. For instance, combining a lighter-tone coffee table with darker accent tables can add visual flair to your room.

Metal tables can also be mixed and matched. You can explore more than one type of metal, too. You can experiment with iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, and others. Metals naturally look good together, thanks to their contrasting hues. You can blend warm and cool tones of metals to create a bold look that adds an extra oomph to your living room.

You can even use accent tables made from composite materials as well. There are several options, like the Vent Steel Bench from Viesso, which combines steel with natural materials to create a minimalistic look that can easily be blended with wooden tables.

By shape

Another way of having some order in the chaos of mixing and matching is by grouping your tables by shape. You can find a living room accent table of almost any form, from oval to rectangle and square. Here are a few tips for mixing and matching different shapes to elevate the style of your living room.

If you have a long rectangular table in your living room, adding a couple of smaller round accent tables gives it a great visual appeal. Similarly, mixing an oval coffee table with square accent tables also looks great.

Don’t be limited by regular shapes when choosing your accent tables, either. You will be surprised to see how great tables with unusual shapes look when paired with the right accent tables. The beautiful Hull Coffee Table from Viesso is a perfect example of how a unique shape can add style to your living room.

The unusually shaped tables can add much functionality as well. For instance, when pulled near a couch, it can be a great laptop table providing you with a comfortable space to work or consume media.

If you need to save space, you can also go for tables with drawers and storage compartments. These tables are ideal for holding magazines, remotes, and even gaming consoles while looking elegant.

It is also important to ensure that the shape of your accent tables goes along with the shape of your living space. Always consider the shape of your room before deciding on the shape of your accent tables.

If you have a space crunch in your living room, consider convertible tables that can be pulled out to make larger surfaces.      

When selecting tables of different shapes, always be mindful of the proportions of your room. You don’t want too big a table in too small a room or vice versa.

By color

Color plays an important role in the overall aesthetics of your living space. Fortunately, there is much scope for experimentation with color, as you can buy tables in a wide range of colors.

If you like to keep things simple and want to go for that minimalistic look, you can keep your accent table colors black, grey, or white. But if you like a splash of color, then combining different colored accent tables can be a great idea.

You can get accent tables as brightly colored as you want. You can find accent tables in a wide color range from blood red to orange and every shade.

That said, while picking the colors for your accent tables, always be mindful of whether the colors complement each other or not. You want to avoid ending up with accent tables that go well with the overall aesthetic of your living room. Brightly colored tables can ruin the vibe of your room if they fail to complement the other furniture in the room.

Wrapping up

Your living room serves to introduce your sense of style to your guests. You don't need to suppress your creativity to have a symmetric, monochromatic living room that does not reflect your personality.

Mixing and matching accent tables can be a great way to add style to your living space. You can experiment with different materials, colors, and shapes to achieve a unique, warm, and welcoming look. 

Viesso has a wide range of curated accent tables and other types of furniture. Each of our tables is created by master designers to give you a one-of-a-kind experience. We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly and sustainable production principles.

If you have questions or concerns, please get in touch with us through our website. Also, check out of living room accent table range while you are there!

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