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How To Buy A Leather Couch

Selecting which leather couch to buy is a big investment decision for anyone who needs to furnish their home with quality furniture. A well-made leather couch will resist staining from spills and other messes, as well as stand up well to being used. Buying such a couch can be a major investment, however, so it is important to make sure that the couch a consumer chooses is the right one.

Before shopping, measure the space that couch will sit in, and consider the colors and styles that will look the best with the existing furniture in the room. Try to think about what will look best in the room, but also consider what type of couch will be the most practical for your particular family situation.

Next, consider the type of material that will make up the couch. There are several different types of leather available on the market today, and each one has it’s own unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, aniline leather is not as stain resistant as other types of leather, but it is more pliable and softer than other types of leather. A similar material to this is called semi-aniline leather. This material is a little less prone to staining, but seems to be just as soft. Semi-aniline leather can be more expensive than aniline, however.

A type of material such as pigmented leather is very durable. In fact, pigmented leather is one of the most common choices for active families or areas with a lot of traffic. In addition to being more durable, pigmented leather is also relatively easy to keep clean and maintain. This type of leather couch is also among the more affordable options.

Another option for material is top grain leather. Top grain leather is actually the strongest part of the hide of an animal, therefore allowing it to make the most durable leather. Top grain leather has no consistent fiber pattern, however, making this type of leather look very formal. Depending on the style of furniture that a consumer prefers, this can be an advantage or disadvantage.

Split grain leather is another option that is similar to top grain, but has a very distinct difference. In split grain leather, the pattern fibers all run in the same direction. This particular quality of the fabric makes it more susceptible to ripping and tearing. Therefore, split grain leather is often recommended for couches that will be located in areas where there is not a lot of heavy use.

After picking out the type of leather that will be used for the couch, it is time to consider the amount of support that is wanted. Someone who prefers a less firm or softer couch should consider a sofa supported by eight-way suspensions. A consumer who wants a more firm couch, however, should consider one with sinuous spring support.

After deciding on the material and support, it is time to consider style again. Once the other factors have been decided on, all that is left is picking out a couch based on your personal tastes. Be sure to visit Viesso to find the leather couch of your choice today.

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