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How to Create a Peaceful Bedroom

Everyone needs a quiet place to decompress. We live busy lives, surrounded by people, noise, bright lights and distractions. At home, there are chores, children, phones and spouses all seeking our attention. Transforming your bedroom into a sanctuary of soothing sights, sounds and textures can calm your jangled nerves and revitalize your soul.

Finding The Right Furniture

Think of your bedroom walls as a blank canvas, waiting for your artistic touch to bring it to life. The furniture pieces are structural focal points, which lead the eye across the canvas of the room. They bring balance and movement by their careful placement. The variety of shapes, textures and colors create movement, which should be harmonious.

The furniture can be massive, delicate, light toned, dark in color or may be an eclectic combination of styles. Whatever style is your passion, there are an infinite array of combinations that can make your room a restful, inviting and comfortable nest.

Choose pieces that are suited to your room. The scale of your furniture should match your space. A small bedroom will be overpowered with massive furniture. This gives an instant cramped appearance that does nothing for calming jangled nerves on edge from confined commuter trains or cramped airplanes. Conversely, a large room with vaulted ceilings will dwarf petite, apartment size furnishings.

The size of your bedroom should also be considered when choosing the wood tone of your furniture. Dark woods will appear more substantial and bulky than similar pieces finished in lighter wood tones. Alternative materials such as wicker, glass and metal are also good choices for small rooms. Wicker has an airy appearance, while a glass topped nightstand or occasional table does not visually clutter the room. Metal, used as bases for tables, chairs and even beds provide a sleek, minimalist look that is uncluttered.

Combine both upholstered and wooden pieces to add visual interest to your furnishings. A variety of upholstery fabric textures such as velvet, silk, mohair and chenille are luxurious and invite lounging in the soft caress of these sumptuous fibers. Use a variety of textures as well as colors to add impact to your furnishings.

Color Your World

Color is so very important in creating an environment that is calming and encourages relaxation. Save the bold, edgy colors for a family room or dining room.

Take a look in your closet. If there is a predominate color group there, that’s probably because it is the color you love. Do not choose a color group because a designer has deemed it the hot look for this season. If you don’t love it, you probably will not feel comfortable spending time in a room decorated with it.

Whites, taupe and gray colors are perfect for a minimalist look. Walls, ceilings and accessories using these tones are a perfect backdrop for simple lines of modern furnishings.

The blue, lavender and green color families are cool colors. These hues are restful and relaxing. Use soft, muted or pastel versions of these color families to promote calm and serene lounging.

If you lean more towards earth colors, choose light to medium tones of rust, tawny tans and charcoal. Dark colors can be over-stimulating and feel oppressive.

If your closet is full of reds, oranges and yellows, don’t despair. Your favorite hot colors just need a gentle nudge to the softer side. If you choose these colors for your room, select pale hues or shades that have been muted with grey to remove the jarring punch they provide.

Fibers To Wrap You In Comfort


We are very tactile creatures. Surround yourself with luxurious fabrics, which feel wonderful and look marvelous. A set of Egyptian sheets with an embarrassingly high thread count is a luxury you deserve. Pair it with wonderful, oversized down pillows, and top it all off with opulent, over-the-top throw pillows that are perfect for curling up for an afternoon nap or chapter or two of the latest best-selling novel.

Even if you have deep pile wall-to-wall carpeting, there’s no reason not to put a wool oriental rug next to your bed or beneath a favorite reading chair. The patterns are beguiling and colors are available in every color palette.

Lighting To Set Your Mood

The basic lighting in your bedroom is probably inadequate. Use different types of accent lighting for the different areas of your room. Keep in mind the activities you will do in each space and choose suitable illumination.

If you read in bed, a table light on the nightstand or a wall sconce illuminates the area without becoming overpowering. Lighting for a seating area should fall across your shoulder to avoid the direct glare of a bulb. This could be a table light or a floor lamp situated behind the chair.

Your window treatment should be made up of two layers. Lined drapes block out light and noise at night, while sheers provide natural lighting during the daytime.

Restful Sounds For Quiet Contemplation

Now that you have the right look, feel and ambiance in your bedroom, it is time to sit down and listen to your new space. If the television, phone or gaming system intrudes, there are ways around the audio clutter that threatens to interrupt the restful nest you have created.

Easy listening music is an obvious solution. However, sometimes even the music is an invasion.

Think about your favorite outdoor place for relaxation. Is it the beach, the forest or a sun-dappled meadow? Place yourself in your favorite setting with a nature audio CD. For restful sleep, there are white noise machines that drown out persistent noises from traffic, neighbors and blaring music.

A small water feature or an aquarium bubbling in a corner gives a pleasant background sound. They are simple to set up and easy to maintain.

Private Time, Peaceful Activities

Your quiet oasis should encourage you to unwind. Remove the temptations to check email, do online shopping or planning tomorrow’s activities. You’ve done enough multi-tasking, and now it is time to decompress.

Everyone has a different idea of what is relaxing. Many people read, watch a favorite television program or listen to music. For some it is a stitchery project like knitting or crewelwork. Other quiet activities could be doing crossword puzzles or a jigsaw puzzle.

Remember, this room is all about what you find important in a comfortable bedroom. If television is part of your ritual, ignore admonitions to remove all technology from the bedroom. Use whatever methods help you to unwind and prepare for sleep.

Keep the room tidy and ready for your relaxation time. A few moments each morning spent removing clutter and making the bed will be appreciated when you return to it in the evening. Having the right furniture that has the space to organize your room without sacrificing style can make all the difference in approaching your layout and maintenance.

Establish the ambiance of your room with the things you love and gives you comfort. Fill your bedroom with colors and textures that make a peaceful and relaxed oasis. Your room will give you a quiet ending to the day and awaken you to a cheerful beginning for whatever the new day brings.

A good night’s sleep starts with a sense of calm and relaxation. Viesso can help you feather your nest by providing the furnishings and home decor that bring together the best in style and comfort. Visit www.viesso.com today.

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