How to Decorate an Entryway Bench

First impressions count, and what better way to introduce your style as soon as visitors come by the house than a well-decorated entryway bench?

Whilst it may sound like an average, nondescript piece of furniture, you can tailor it to your specific taste, and it'll become a functional and practical essential in your hallway. 

Coming in different sizes, styles and colors, you can design your entryway bench exactly how you want and create an inviting and unique entrance. Different entryway bench ideas will spark your creativity, whether you have a large area to fill, an awkward space that needs attention, or you feel like sprucing up your home.

Acting as a seat for shoelace tying, a place to hold your post or simply a stylish feature, your entryway bench can transform your hallway and make every arrival feel like a grand entrance. 

If you're looking for entryway bench ideas, here are some ways you can decorate it:

Pick your color scheme 

A crucial part of creating a practical and fashionable entryway bench is to think about the color scheme. If you want your bench to match the colors in your home, you could paint it or use different colors for contrast. For example, light wood helps brighten a place, so consider it if your hallway is darker. 

An entryway bench the same color as your decor will look polished and put together. Equally, if your decor is all white, a gray bench will stand out and become the main feature. Consider all your options, from the paint to the color of the wood, and decorate your entryway bench around what looks the best in your space. 

Our nude wood Sol Bench could be the perfect light wood bench to lift the appearance of your hallway with its modern and classy look. 

Add comfort with an upholstered bench 

An upholstered design is a cozy and inviting way to decorate an entryway bench, as it'll act as a functional area to put your shoes on and a comfortable seat. Choose the pattern, and your bench will become a great place for guests to sit. 

For an extra hint of usefulness, this entryway bench style often allows for extra storage space inside, which can help your space be free of clutter. For a more open space in your entryway, the storage space will allow you more room as you can hide your things away. 

With a tufted, elegant seat, our Louve 59.3" Bench is a perfect place to relax stylishly. 

Add some character 

Everyone has different ways of styling their home, which is always an area of interest when visiting for the first time. Why not show off your style with some books, art, or houseplants to give your bench some character that reflects you and your home's style? 

Stacking some books or adding an attractive houseplant will give your entryway bench more personality and a great first impression. Keep it as tidy and as streamlined as possible by making it match your decor, and it'll become an aesthetically pleasing area of your home.

Use the space around to attract attention 

Depending on your style or choice of home decor, focus on the area surrounding your 

entryway bench to create a charming and unique section of your hallway. If you have a small bench and it's low to the floor, make the most of the extra wall space and add some wall decor above to create interest. 

Be careful not to overcrowd the area, especially in small spaces, and keep it looking sleek. Add a rug underneath it or a floor lamp to the side to emphasize the space and highlight the bench, or add some coat hooks above for practicality.

Pick a theme

With different styles of homes, from contemporary to farmhouse, match your entryway bench to suit the style and keep within the theme. For example, if you're looking for farmhouse entryway bench ideas, you may opt for that rustic charm with a wooden bench and neutral colors. 

Design your entryway bench to the style of your home and add items to match. For example, if vintage items suit your theme, or you don't want to spend too much money, strategically use them to create an entryway bench that will fit your home perfectly. 

Our Oak Bok Bench would look great in any home style, and with its classy, streamlined look, it's ready to be decorated to your taste. 

Consider the location 

Depending on your home, you may have to get creative with the location of your entryway bench. For example, if you have a small entryway or a narrow hallway, you'll only have a small space to use, especially if it's next to your front door. 

Often, entryway benches are up against the wall in smaller spaces, but you may opt for a floating bench if you have the area. Floating your furniture means you place it away from the walls. This look can be a strategic way to create more space in a room and can look great with a rug to tie it all together. 

Match it to a coat rack

To keep your hallway looking clutter-free, it's a great idea to match your entryway bench to your coat rack. The matching set will have your hallway looking organized, and if your bench has space underneath it or storage for shoes, it'll keep everything together. 

Keep your bench and coat rack minimalistic to avoid overcrowding, and put them together in your entryway to create a neatly arranged home. 

Keep it cozy 

Use your entryway bench to give off a cozy, inviting area that can be admired and enjoyed by you and your guests. Add cushions, pillows, and throws to a simple bench to make it look chic and modern.

Use coat hooks behind the bench to keep a small basket or bag of flowers, perfect for a farmhouse theme, or use the space around it to add wall decor that'll give it that polished yet snug feeling. You'll need a simple decor bench to create a restful hideaway. 

Think about storage 

Storage space adds a practical element to an entryway. If you're feeling creative, there are DIY entryway benches you can create that can add scope and sections for much-needed storage. Added storage could include pull-out drawers or shelves to keep everything in place. 

Entryway benches can be a classy addition to a hallway, adding a personal and original touch to your space. They can also help eliminate clutter and keep your hallway free from anything that could make it look unkempt. 

Entryway benches are the perfect furniture to add to your hallway if it needs a little lift. Tailoring it to your specific taste and decorating it to the decor and style of your home can create an enticing first impression for visitors. 

At Viesso, we have a range of entryway benches that could add a sophisticated look to your space, no matter the shape or size of your room. Contact us for any questions about decorating your entryway bench to suit your home perfectly. 

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