How to Decorate like a Retro Hipster

Creating your unique hipster heaven doesn’t have to be a dream. At Viesso, you can satisfy your inner groove by finding all the furniture you need to create a pad worthy of the Jetsons, James Bond, or your little piece of psychedelic nirvana.

We know that there are many of you out there who are far too cool to accept anything less than the good vibrations of the 60’s and 70’s. We know that off-the-rack shopping isn’t for you, and we honor this by making sure we have the classics in our inventory. Check us out online or come to our showroom and you’ll see that though our minds are on the future, our hearts are outta sight.

When it comes to bringing on the decor, the first place to start, of course, is in the living room. Get yourself SohoConcepts’ Harmony sofa with its futuristic design a la the Jetsons. Cover it in bright orange fiber fabric or pink wool and it will look like your private UFO just landed and ejected the perfect place to hang. Funky throw pillows are paramount, and you can create your own color scheme with Viesso’s huge range of choices. Comfort is the word, and the Harmony rises to the occasion with loose, removable foam-filled cushions resting on a hardwood frame supported by cool chrome-polished steel feet.

If you’re going the black and white route, look no further than the Splitback Deluxe Sofa Bed upholstered in black or white leatherette. A great place for your friends to crash, this baby folds down, keeping its cool in any position. Designed by Innovation, it comes with an Icomfort pocket spring system that’s layered in quality foam and heavy fibre fill that cradles the body, whether you’re contemplating your navel or drifting off into a deep snooze.

Staying with the black and white theme, let’s take a gander at the sleek sling look we get with the Zara chair. This is a send-up to Mies van der Rohe’s famous Barcelona chair with its stainless steel arms and leather seat and back. Order it in black like you see on our webpage and combine it with the Splitback Deluxe Lounge chair and you’re on your way to a very slick pad fit for your Mr. or Ms J. Bond alter ego. And hey, if you want to mix it up a bit, choose one of these in white leatherette for that pop art feel. Then, to keep things in the groove, pick one of Henzel’s art pillows in black and white, like the Kasbah, add a little metallic wall art, and you are set, man.

Before we leave the black and white theme, we want to mention the Metro end tables by Dia. In chrome and glass, pick a few round ones and cluster them around the furniture. These make a super fabulous addition, with their fine brushed stainless steel frame and black glass tops.

If you’re going with more of a Peter Max look, then the Adelphi side tables are for you. These pop art circles from Modloft are great for creating a multi-level combo that perches perfectly on your shag. The low versions nestle into each other like an Escher painting, great for showing off your fanzines and your lava lamp. Made with a carbon steel frame and a round leather top, who could ask for more?

Okay, so we’re well aware that there’s no recessed lighting or overhead halogens for you, and we’ve got the moddest look in the house with our Camp Floor Lamp. Focus those rays anywhere and you’ll create just the right ambiance for your scene. Made of polypropylene, they come in black or white. Get a few and place them strategically: white for your mod colors, and black for your Bond.

And what would you do without Gus Modern’s Lightbox? Made with roto-molded plastic, this conversation piece comes in perfectly seamless square and functions as a lamp, stool, and accent table all in one. A superlative choice for any respectable hipster home.

For mod dining, the Beech Dining Table in white lacquer with a colored glass top may not at first seem like the most retro choice. Made with today in mind, it definitely carries a hipster ethic. Surround it with Eiffel Star chairs upholstered in special order fabrics or bright accent colors, one for each chair, and you’re definitely making a statement about your individuality and aesthetic.

Speaking of chairs, if you have a countertop for dining, look no further than the Pera Wire Counter or Bar stools. These babies are so cool, especially if you order them upholstered in bright red to add that necessary zing. On a solid chromed steel wire base, the Peras will keep your hipster cred way high on the Richter scale.

As high as you can go, is as low as you should be when it comes to the bedroom. Keeping it close to the floor is essential, and you can do this in super style with TrueModern’s Cane Bed. This platform looks as good as it feels, with its padded upholstered headboard done with stitched fabric, plywood bunkie boards to support your mattress, and legs in a wood of choice. The Cane comes in six standard colors that will work spectacularly with your afghan throw and bevy of accent pillows.

Let’s really bring back the 70’s with a good shag rug that feels good on the body as you lounge with a big floor pillow watching Woodstock for the 452nd time. Check out the Core shag in cream or brown, or the Celecot in white with its thick pile that invites you to sink right in.

Maybe you have something more pop in mind. Then the Dharma 534 or 535 would be a groovy choice. Made of New Zealand wool, they’ve got a soft mid-pile going on that is thick, static resistant, and luxurious. Take a look at the Bense 021 or 024 or the Fenja 506 with those happening circles and order one in a round or rectangular shape to accent your living room.

We could go on and on, but the best thing is for you to check out our online showroom to see all the possibilities you have in decorating your crib in proper hipster mode. But there is one last thing, and maybe its the most important: Don’t forget the music. Get your vinyl in the groove with a mighty retro record player and a stack of Dusty Springfield, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Buffalo Springfield, Tom Jones, and of course Dylan and you’ll be ready to party like its nineteen-sixty-nine!

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