How to Design a Modern Living Room

Redesigning a living room from scratch can feel like an overwhelming task, especially when you're struggling to unleash your inner interior designer. If you're set on a modern aesthetic, but don't know where to start, then fear not - here are some modern living room ideas that are guaranteed to transform your space from drab to chic.

Modern living room design ideas to transform your space

A modern living room is characterized by minimalism, elegance, and simplicity. The space should feel warm, bright, and homely, prioritizing comfort over everything else - after all, the living room is where we relax after a long day, entertain family and friends, and curl up with a good book.

Of course, your modern living room should also reflect your design and style preferences. Whether you enjoy a formal living room or a modern space filled with natural light, there are hundreds of modern living room ideas that'll suit your individual tastes.

A neutral color palette: warm woods and soft textures

For the ultimate relaxation, redesign your modern living room with neutral colors including warm tones such as cream and brown. Combine this with natural elements such as wood accents and hardwood floors. Finish off with soft organic elements like wool and cotton for a comforting modern living room space.

Remember, comfort is key.

Fireplace, natural wood, and warmth in modern living rooms

Alongside neutral colors, modern living rooms are often complete with a cosy plaster fireplace (or if you're feeling extra luxurious, a marble fireplace) and warm natural wood accents such as ceiling beams and light wood living room furniture. Add warmth and character to your modern living room by incorporating classic elements: fire, wood, and natural fabrics.

Opt for clean lined furniture

For a clean and sleek living room that feels ultra modern, we recommend giving your modern living room walls a fresh coat of white paint and adding clean lines to your space with streamlined furniture silhouettes using low slung furniture. This effect will give you an airy space and evokes a modern look.

Clean lines are best implemented through an open planned space and by adding contemporary furniture pieces.

Include a statement coffee table

A statement coffee table has the ability to become a focal point in a modern living room and is an integral part of modern design. Without a coffee table, your space won't be as functional and you'll struggle to keep your modern living room tidy.

For unique coffee table furniture pieces, check out Viesso's collection of sustainable, modern furniture.

Add personality with bold artwork

Contemporary art is key in any modern living room and prevents your space from feeling bare and uncharismatic. Unleash your inner interior designer by matching wall art to your chosen color palette and modern furniture. Make it the focal point by positioning the art in the center of the room, such as above a ribbon fireplace or on an accent wall.

If you want an eclectic living room, add lots of wall art in different shapes and sizes.

Experiment with statement lighting

Light fixtures can make or break modern living rooms, especially if they don't suit the space or emit bright, unnatural light.

For a cozy, modern living room, consider adding modern style lighting such as a pendant light or a chandelier and watch your space transform into a modern aesthetic.

Bring in some blues

Blues are growing more and more popular in modern living room interiors, and work best in larger modern living rooms. But why does it work so well?

Blue evokes a calming and welcoming effect thanks to its positive reaction to natural light. Use blue for your statement wall for a modern feel, and add bright living room furniture in complementing shades to stop your modern living room room from feeling too oppressive and dark.

You could even include blue painted furniture for a beach chic feel in your modern living room, such as a light blue coffee table or a bookcase.

Include a gallery wall

To make your living room feel homey yet modern, include a gallery wall by hanging photos and prints of different sizes on one side of your living room.

This is a living room idea that allows you to get fun and creative, and can make any sitting room more exciting. Combine with mini mirrors to add more natural light to your modern living room.

Revisit retro style

Surprisingly, the modern living room aesthetic is returning back to retro prints and styles. Combining funky patterns with dark wood furniture like a statement coffee table or cabinet is an effective way to get your space feeling both old and new.

For a classic twist, finish your modern living room with an antique mirror and a statement pendant light for the ultimate return to the 80s.

Avoid stark white walls and instead opt for black

We know it sounds crazy, but adding black to a modern living room can go a long way in transforming your space, giving it a bold impact. Of course, this is a tricky balancing act - adding too many dark shades can make a room feel oppressive.

To prevent this, paint one black statement wall alongside white walls and combine with modern design elements such as a glass coffee table or minimalist furniture. To add in even more natural light, consider adding floor to ceiling windows to make your modern living room feel bright and airy.

Of course, adding floor to ceiling windows is an expensive design feature - if you're on a budget when transforming your modern living room, try adding large mirrors instead. This will not only reflect light, but is in-keeping with modern style.

Choose an Anchor Piece

A modern living room isn't complete without an anchor piece, which is used to pull the space together. A modern focal point could include a rug, a unique low slung furniture piece, or a fireplace.

Of course, a modern living room anchor piece is often a wall mounted tv. For a more inviting space, try adding the TV above a fireplace to draw attention towards other areas of the modern space.

Create your dream modern living room with Viesso

If you're ready to build your dream modern living room, then look no further than Viesso. Our furniture collections are designed with the modern living room in mind, with the use of natural materials for modern interiors.

Our collections are the pinnacle of interior design, and we pride ourselves on providing modern, sleek, eco-friendly furniture for the ultimate modern living room design.

Check out Viesso's furniture collections, or for more living room inspiration read our recent blog post 'How to Makeover your Living Room in 4 Easy Steps.'

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