How to Match a Coffee Table to Your Sofa

Coffee tables are an excellent addition to your living room because they can serve multiple purposes. A coffee table can not only help to complete the décor of your living room or family room, but it can also provide storage space and a place serve food and drinks. Finding the right coffee table to match your sofa can be a difficult endeavor because of the fact that the coffee table can serve so many purposes. In addition, modern coffee tables also come in a wide range of styles and sizes. If you are wondering how to select the perfect coffee table to match your sofa, these tips from Viesso can put you on the right track.


If you’ve struggled for hours with the idea of selecting a coffee table for your living room, it is much easier if you start with a plan. First, start by measuring your sofa. You will want to pay close attention to the heights of both the arms and seat of the sofa. The average height for sofa arms depends on the type of sofa that you have. However, for a standard design sofa, this height is roughly around 28 inches. You will also want to measure the height of the seat cushions, which is around 20 inches on average. These measurements are important because they will help you to determine the dimensions of the coffee table that you select.


The height of the coffee table is very important and should be roughly the same height as the seats of your couch. By selecting a coffee table of this height, it will make it easy for you to grab things from the table without having to move off the couch. A sofa that is higher than the average sofa seat height will require a coffee table that is higher. Whereas, a lower height sofa, will require a coffee table that is lower.

The length of your coffee table is also very important as you will want the dimensions to be proportional to your couch. A coffee table that is one half or less than the size of the sofa in length will not only look like it is out of proportion. It will also make it very difficult for people that are seated at either end of the sofa to reach the coffee table. A coffee table that is the same length as the sofa or longer, will not complement the sofa. Instead, this situation will create a competition between the sofa and the coffee table for the focal point of the room. A coffee table that is too long may also leave little room for stretching out your legs or maneuvering around the table once you decide to get up.

A coffee table that is roughly three-fourths of the length of the sofa is a good option. This will allow enough room for traffic to pass around both ends of the table. In addition, this will also leave you plenty of room to store decorative objectives as well as plates and cups, if you so desire.

Coffee Table Shape

Finding the right coffee table shape to complement your sofa is more about what works best with the room décor, rather than the sofa itself. If you are trying to decide between a round or rectangular coffee table, round tables can present an especially appealing option when placed near a sofa that is very boxy. If your room is small, a rectangular coffee table might work better. If your room is larger or the sofa is a modular sofa, a round table might work well to provide some contrast to the shape of the sofa. As long as there is at least 30 inches of clearance between the coffee table and your sofa, there will be plenty of room to maneuver around the table with ease.


Coffee tables come in many styles and finishes. If you are trying to select the best option, choose a coffee table design that matches the design elements of most of the furniture in the room. There is no need to try and match the coffee table to the sofa, unless that is your preferred style. If more minimalist design is what you are going for with your contemporary sofa, a sleek glass coffee table will do the trick. If your design scheme is industrial, look for coffee tables made from recycled materials or weathered wood. Finally, if you prefer a more traditional style, a coffee table with carved legs and a natural wood finish can provide the soft, sophisticated look that you are trying to achieve.

If you need assistance with selecting the perfect coffee table for your home, Viesso can help. Leave your design questions in the comments below and we’ll get to them right away. Or, you can check out out modern coffee table selection here:

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  • Hello! I am thinking to buy a corner Chesterfield Sofa and 2 armchairs but I don’t know which coffee table I should buy…Any ideas what looks good with Chesterfield sofas? Many thnx in advance.


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