How To Measure a Couch

A sofa or couch is one of the most important aspects of any modern living room. It is often the centerpiece around which the rest of the room is organized, and its design and color scheme often provide the starting point for the aesthetics of the entire space.

While they do bring endless hours of comfort to homeowners and are ideal spots for entertainment and family time, there is often one trial associated with a sofa that can cause a headache for many people - getting it into the space.

Some people avoid the need to measure a sofa by ordering sectional sofas and couches. These are pieces that arrive in smaller segments and can easily be assembled and disassembled. The only major consideration for sectional sofas is knowing the width and length of the living space rather than the sofa dimensions.

However, if you do not wish to purchase a sectional sofa and have your heart set on one that doesn't come apart, there are additional obstacles to overcome.

This article will cover all the considerations you need to make when measuring your sofa.

Dimension Standards

So you find yourself in the middle of a furniture store. You're wandering up and down the aisles looking for the perfect sofa for your living room when suddenly, you see it. It has the exact shape you are looking for, all the right features, and comes in your favorite color.

However, even with the naked eye, you can already tell that it is going to be a tight squeeze to get it through your front door. You will look and feel foolish if you purchase the sofa, only to find that you cannot get it through the doorway.

To avoid this, you must have the precise dimensions and accurate measurements of the sofa before making any purchase. It is always recommended to try and obtain the measurements yourself with a tape measure in a physical store if you can. If you are ordering online, make sure that the dimension standards are clearly listed.

To measure a sofa accurately, there are four measurements you will need to obtain.


The width of the sofa is the largest measurement you will need to record. You must start measuring from the widest point rather than leg to leg. More often than not, you will need to measure a sofa from one arm across to the other.


Another of the most important measurements to take is the sofa height. For this, you will need to start from the highest point of the sofa and measure down to the floor. Ignore any extras such as the seat cushion and other structural elements that can be taken away. You only need to focus on the main structure.


Seat depth measurements are also essential. To obtain your sofa depth measurement, you will need to find the part of the sofa that is the furthest point back and measure until you reach the furthest point forward.

Diagonal Depth

Getting an exact measurement for the diagonal sofa depth can be a little awkward, but taking it as accurately as possible is important. To obtain the diagonal depth measurement, work out where the highest outside edge point of the sofa is, then measure down with a straight edge until you reach the front of the arm.

Measuring Your Home Spaces

Now that you have the measurements of your chosen sofa, you will need to record other measurements in and around your home space. These measurements must be as accurate as possible to ensure that you can transport the sofa comfortably into the house without causing damage to it.

Measure Your Entryway Dimension

The obvious starting point is ensuring your sofa can fit through the front door. The three critical measurements you will need to record are the height, the width, and the entry clearance.

Your entry clearance is the length starting at the door to the nearest wall. If this length is shorter than the sofa's width, you will find it very difficult to turn the sofa at any point.

Check whether these measurements are universal for each door the sofa will need to fit through.

Measure Your Corridors and Passageways

Now that you're sure that the sofa can fit through the entry door, you now need to check whether you can maneuver it comfortably along any entryway hallways.

The most important consideration you'll need to make here is whether there is enough space to get around any potential corners. You will need to account for any additional fixtures that may stick out along the walls, and you'll also need to check that there will be space for the people delivering the sofa to move comfortably.

Measure Your Room

You're now confident that you can get the sofa through the entry space, along the main corridor, and into the living area. Your final hurdle will be to ensure that the couch will comfortably fit within the dimensions of your room.

To start, measure the room's length and width so you know how much area you have to work with. Once you confirm that you have the space, you'll need to consider other furniture in the room. As with all pieces of new furniture, a new couch has the potential to disrupt things.

You will want your sofa to be in a natural position rather than awkwardly placed within the room. Move the rest of your furniture around before the delivery to accommodate the sofa and ensure that it will fit perfectly once in place.

Other Potential Measurements

For most people, the measurements covered will be the most important ones you'll need to record. However, there are a handful of other measurements you may need to consider, such as:

  • Stair width - many people live in flats and high rises without an elevator, or some will require a sofa on the second floor of their house. If this sounds like you, you'll need to ensure your sofa can comfortably fit up the stairs. Allow a few inches on either side for this.
  • Elevator doorway - your block of apartments may have access to elevator use for you to transport the sofa in, but you'll need accurate dimensions for the elevator first. Check the height and width of the elevator doorway and the depth and diagonal height of the elevator's interior.
  • Windows - for certain houses, transporting the sofa through the window might be the best option, particularly if it removes the need to squeeze it along corridors and through tight doorways. Measure the width and height of your windows when fully opened to see if this is a possibility.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a new sofa or any piece of furniture can be an exciting time for any homeowner. They can be used to freshen up the look of a space or replace outdated and tired models.

However, getting the measurements right the first time is vital and should be taken seriously, particularly for an investment as substantial as a sofa. It will save you much time and energy further down the road.

At Viesso, we aim to provide our customers with only the highest quality. Our selection has been carefully curated so that we only work with designers and manufacturers who share our core principles - to create sustainable and eco-friendly products built to last.

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