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Indoor Outdoor Rugs Tips for Keeping Your Rugs in Top Shape

Indoor/outdoor rugs are specially designed to be used both inside and outside the home while surviving the abuse of foot traffic and the natural elements. If you are looking for a rug that will hold up well and last you a long time, then indoor outdoor rugs are probably the best option. Some places that you might want to consider using indoor outdoor rugs include the patio, the sun room and the front door. Here are some tips on how to select the right indoor outdoor rug for your home as well how to clean the rug.

Popular Styles of Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Some styles of indoor outdoor rugs that have been popular in the past include rugs that look similar to Astroturf or plain rugs with rough surfaces. These rugs are definitely not the most stylish options and today you can get a modern rug with almost any design that will still perform well in your home.

For this year, the most popular colors and designs have been those that blend well with the indoor and outdoor environments. Another trend is rugs that look like indoor rugs but are designed to also be used outdoors. Consider selecting a rug that will blend well with your home décor if you will use the rug for the inside or front door of your home. If you are looking to place the rug outside, choosing a design that matches the natural elements of your backyard is a good option.

Here are some of the top indoor/outdoor rug options from Viesso:

Indoor/Outdoor Rug Features

One thing to know about indoor outdoor rugs is that they are not designed to be comfortable or soft. The highest quality rugs are made to remove dirt from your shoes and keep that dirt loose so that it can be easily eliminated from the rug by shaking. In addition, you will also find that many rugs include stain protecting elements to make cleaning an easy process.

If you are looking to place a rug in a high foot traffic area, these features are recommended because the rug itself will not only remain in great shape, it will also keep your home clean. Trapping dirt and debris in the rug means that that the dirt won’t end up all over your living room or patio.

Here are our top recommendations for indoor/outdoor rugs for high foot traffic areas:

Cleaning Your Indoor Outdoor Rug

If you want to keep your indoor outdoor rug in good shape, it is important that you clean it regularly. A simple shake or vacuuming should remove the majority of loose dirt particles. Doing this on a regular basis also prevents the dirt from settling into the fibers of the rug which makes the rug more difficult to clean and makes the rug look dirty.

Also keep in mind that there is a possibility for mold to grow if moisture and soil are getting trapped in the rug. While most synthetic rug fibers won’t allow mold to grow, the presence of soil and moisture will make this possible. Therefore, you should make sure that you remove the soil and hang the rug out to dry at regular intervals.

If your rug has a stain, a simply spot cleaning can do the trick to remove the stain. For a fresh spill, start by eliminating any excess liquid from the top of the rug. Then follow up by blotting the area multiple times with a dry cloth. The cloth will help to draw up the moisture from the rug. Avoid rubbing the spot because this could result in fibers from the cloth getting stuck in the coarse fibers of the rug as well as push the liquid even deeper into the rug’s fibers. Continue with the blotting until you have removed all of the liquid.

If you are dealing with a tough stain, a mild detergent, some water and a brush can be used to clean up the stain. Then simply finish the job by again blotting the rug with a dry cloth until the formerly stained area feels almost dry. Allow the rug to dry thoroughly by hanging it up before putting it back in its place.

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