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Indoor Portable Fireplaces

Gathering around a warm, dancing fire is among the most pleasant and intimate experiences that family and friends can share. Yet fewer people are sharing this experience in today’s society. Many city apartments, townhouses and condominiums often don’t offer fireplaces, while people in suburban homes may not use their fireplaces, either because of the cost or difficulty of getting wood, or for ecological reasons.

Fortunately, there is an ecologically friendly and convenient alternative to wood for fireplace lovers. Several companies have developed attractive, clean burning indoor fireplaces suitable for almost any living situation – apartment, condominium, townhouse or home. Portable models can be used in any dwelling, and insert models, which maintain the traditional feel of an old fashioned fireplace, can be placed in an existing fireplace. All models burn ethanol, a clean-burning, renewable biofuel produced from agricultural products.

Captivating designs are the trademark of eco fireplaces. With no ventilation restrictions, designers are free to express themselves. They have done so admirably, creating compelling shapes and sizes for every style of decor, from ultramodern to traditional.

Large fireplaces range from those with tastefully designed heat reflectors to designs that are open to a full 360-degree view. They can be placed safely in the middle of the room or near its edge, or anywhere they aren’t in contact with flammable materials. Outdoor eco fireplaces are also great for porches and balconies.

Smaller fireplaces and fire lamps are also available. Smaller fireplaces typically present an open flame issuing from a smartly designed container. They can be placed on floors, table tops or counters. Fire lamps, with their candle-like shapes and glass enclosures, are great for just about anywhere.

Their designs are indeed compelling, but eco fireplaces are also functional. Everyone in the room is certain to feel the warmth they provide. Since they can be placed in the center of the room, they can provide 360 degree warmth. Unlike most fireplaces, no heat goes up the chimney. Even insert models are operated with the chimney vent closed. Larger models will warm a room by as much as 12 degrees Fahrenheit. The amount of heating provided in an individual room, of course, depends on the size of the room.

Nor will owners need to constantly tend these modern fires. Depending on the model, a single filling of fuel can last up to three hours with the flame adjustment fully opened. Fuel capacity varies by model, but larger models typically offer capacities of about 1.5 quarts.

Eco fireplaces burn bioethanol, a clean-burning, renewable biofuel. While wood fires release ash and other particulate matter, eco fireplaces release none. The only by products of burning are heat, water vapor and low levels of CO2. Bioethanol can be produced from many different plant products, including agricultural waste. It is often produced from sugar cane, corn, potatoes and beetroot.

Fireplace lovers no longer need despair over the ecological consequences, cost or inconvenience of burning wood. Eco fireplaces can bring the intimate feel of a fireplace to any room in a strikingly designed package. Find the indoor fireplace to suit your need by visiting Viesso today.

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