Interior Design Secrets from Starbucks You Can Apply to Your Home

Starbucks is heavily vested in the retail experience. To them, it's not just the coffee, whether the barista misspells your name or not; the interior decor is intentional.

Every coffee shop by Starbucks has a one-of-a-kind and aesthetically pleasing vibe and a local touch. The interior design uses warm and inviting earthly tones for a rustic modern look, and the aroma is heavenly.

From the galleries to the wall decor, flooring, furniture, and statement top and warm bottom lighting, Starbucks's interior designs merge with cultures of different locations to create an at-home feeling.

You might be unsure how to choose the right decor for your space without messing up. Starbucks has some interior decor ideas you could borrow to bring life to your home.

If you want to borrow that rustic modern look for different spaces in your home, read on as this article will look at the different decor pieces and design ideas you could take inspiration from. Let's get started!

Simple entryway pieces

Your entryway could be a hit or miss. It is where you place your grab-and-go items, unload shopping, put on shoes or take them off, and sometimes have guests waiting.

It is good to have a Spindle Bench with some throw pillows. Remember you want to incorporate earth tones like turmeric, brown soil, and green hues, so an emerald throw pillow cover or one with a diamond pattern and alternating earth colors would work.

Oak Spindle Bench




Add a blonde ash Tobias Console Table with a designated space for your wet umbrella to complement the look. You could also have a woven tray, storage baskets for random items, or square/ rectangle mesh storage bins for dirty shoes that tend to spill over at the bottom.

 Tobias Console table

Incorporate small houseplants in a small vase. Think succulents, small-leafed aloe veras, baby toes, pruned asparagus ferns, and if you have plenty of lighting, the jade plant looks good. These complement your console without being overly dramatic.

Add a chalkboard with interesting statements like the one below. Starbucks likes to have wooden wall decor with black sentence engravings in happy fonts.

For uniformity, the typography used is mostly Serif. Sodo Sans is mainly used for menus as it is neat and simple. The lander font is fancy and mostly used in social media posts and interior quotes.

Desk with chair
Photo Credit:Sarah Chai

The entryway lighting should be a pendant like the Alena V4 from Viesso

Pendant Light

Also, consider wallpapers on the ceiling to give the space character.

Living room interior decor

In the living room, your goal is to stick to the color scheme including shades of brown (marigold, rust, turmeric, burnt sienna brown, and sage) which are warm and inviting. Starbucks emerald green also adds the nature aspect.

Whichever art, graphics, shades, furniture, and flooring you choose, the living room is where you spend most of your time. Be thoughtful and decisive with the decor to bring out your style and personality.

Here are some ideas for the wall decor.

Wall color and decor

You can paint one wall black with a tweak of gray so that natural lighting reflects. But don't go all black since you don't want your home cold and unwelcoming unless you want a chalkboard wall with statement lighting. Deep navy could do.

Include a coffee beans wallpaper or wooden spoons if you like. You could also do minimalist art of trees, leaves, or tree branches.

Wall-to-wall patterns like paneling are also a good idea.

 mustard sofa
See how green wall paneling works here in the dining area.
Round dining table with chairs 

Don't forget to display some family photos well arranged in a pattern.

Large Dining Table


Bold, vivid large-scale art paintings should be part of your wall art, not forgetting paintings of natural green foliage.

large dining table with large wall art piece Source

Shelving options

You could go the Starbucks way of the ceiling to floor wooden shelves or have the Greenington metal shelf.

Metal shelf

Leather orange chairs or soft brown leather sofa?

Since the walls are darker, soften the look with earth tone shelves, leather upholstery, orange seats, brown leather sofas, and intentional wall decor to bring warm zen feelings.

 Leather chairs
cabot sofa 


Dining Area

Go with a mahogany dining table or an industrial table with a wrought iron stand.

A walnut round dining table with a matte steel stand like the Greenington dining table or this DK3 round dining table with a black steel base looks good when coupled with sohoConcept dining chairs in different colors- orange, green, or chairs. You could also do bar stools.

small round tableGreenington Dining Table

DK 3 round table



Starbucks ties the neutral color schemes with the warm colors and branded retail. For instance, the slate-look porcelain tiles integrate wood tones and branded cups with furniture and wall decor.

You could use vinyl flooring with the right pattern and earthly tones for your home. Vinyl is affordable and waterproof, and the adhesive holds tight, making it a quick option for those in rentals.

Terracotta tiles are a good alternative to your usual tiles due to the design and the lower pricing. If you have a big budget or are renovating your home, consider them and remember to include an anti-slip feature.

Play around with different floor designs, from concrete to decks to tiles, and throw in a rug to compliment or beautifully contrast the floor colors and pattern.

Bedroom decor

Go with the rustic bed, a wooden nightstand, striped green and white throw pillows for the bedroom, and maybe this wallpaper.

wood looking wallpaper

Practical lighting for aesthetics and work

For lighting, mix up the ambient lighting, work lighting, and accent lighting like industrial lighting.

Your space should be well lit but not too bright, down lit, and up lit. Atlas Ceiling Spotlight draws attention to an area, and less to its make since its nude colors are subtle.

Light fixture

Larger spaces demand sculptural fixtures that draw attention to the focal point of the lit area. You could use wrought iron chandeliers and sculptural lighting fixtures like this one below.

Light fixture

If your spaces are small, use pendants. Starbucks uses coves and pendants.

Use lighting fixtures as art over your dining area or lounge. See how Starbucks did that.

Large table with trumpet light fixture above


For reading spaces, you want to go with portable floor lights, so you can illuminate writings, and if a ceiling-to-floor shelf library exists, then tiny wall pot lights would be a good idea.

In the kitchen, hanging bright lights would work well.

Wrapping up

Design marketing is Starbucks' second product after coffee. The localization of their upscale interior decor and the effort to make you unwind as you enjoy your cup of coffee is classic.

Playing with those warm wood tones in your home decor has the same effect. You copy their small plant decor, statement lighting, chalkboard walls, and wall paneling to bring some life to your home.

The wall art is bold and bright, and the wallpapers are rustic or coffee-themed.

The throw pillow covers are also in the same warm colors, and the leather sofas are comfy for long talks. Get creative with different flooring patterns and the use of vinyl to introduce new designs and floor types creatively.

Head over to Viesso for some of these pieces and more.

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