Interior Design Trends for 2013

2013 hallmarks a turning point in interior design where people are choosing to take up a larger role in expressing their individual style in clearly defined and trending areas. At Viesso, we’re ready and able to help you make the leap to join these trends.

DIY projects

Desire for self-expression and showcasing personal skills mastered through making furniture and house decorations are becoming more and more prevalent. People want to have furniture and decorations that are part of their lived experiences. Nothing can replace the sense of satisfaction through achievement that results from creating something with your own hands and having these additions around you ultimately helps bring a feeling of home.

Re-purposing various objects and materials is now both a passion and a widely accepted form of art that also plays a role in trends related to eco-friendliness outlined below. DIY projects range from old chairs being revamped, new candle supports being created to whole walls and floors being stripped back to reveal raw materials. People are focussing on their creativity in numerous ways. Hand sketching and wall writing will be more popular this year as the graphic art seen in the street becomes accepted as a valid art form, and artists collaborating with interior designers draw from this for signature works in people’s homes.

Showcasing Art

As fine art has become more accessible to everyone these days, with galleries and art fairs being frequented by many, contemporary art is being made more legible for more people to enjoy. People are feeling more at ease with having feature pieces in their homes that they can talk about and share personal stories of the artist with guests and their family. People are turning away from the mass-produced works to purchase their own originals, whether this is a painting, sculpture or something more in the textiles line.

People will continue to mix contemporary pieces with their one-of-a-kind treasures to create a sophisticated look for their home.

Men Contributing More and Building Different Caves

As working and living arrangements change from certain societal factors, we are seeing effects in the home that are impacting interior design. In developed countries men are spending more time at home than in the past, helping out with children and housework, and as a result of this bigger connection are contributing certain design choices that are forming trends. Furniture choices are favoring functionality over decoration and a more pared back approach to filling a room.

More men are working from home and so there is also an emphasis on how space is used for work and play. With this indoor focus men will be up-scaling their “man caves” that can include media rooms full of gadgets, outrageous wine rooms, wood-burning pizza ovens and islands dedicated to teriyaki grills.

Brass for a Timeless Look

The lure of metal is back as a favorite with its timeless appeal, affordability and seductive surface. Gloss is being hailed as a showstopper for 2013 and brass is filling this gap with high popularity. Alongside this, lacquer is being applied to brass in many traditional and funky new ways, and is particularly popular in DIY applications.

As part of the emphasis on art and the exotic, 2013 is the year for African influences bringing warm colors and animal skin imitations back into the eclectic interiors of most fashion enthusiasts’ homes. Wrought iron and brass works will be defined through elements that resonate with the African style.

Texture and Touch

Alongside functionality with furniture, people are turning to a renewed emphasis on surfaces so that there is a more intimate relationship with touch. These “touchable” textures inspire warmth and comfort as a way to experience activities in the home. Suede and wood are two of the materials that will define the interior design world in 2013.

Variety of texture will also be a key factor in arranging spaces in 2013, allowing embroidery and knitting to take centre stage with all other different styles of weaving. From colorful carpets with thousands of knots to various storage baskets and furniture covers, handmade is back in style with the particular charm of being hand made.

Eco-Friendly Philosophy

Eco-friendliness will take on a bolder and more diverse role as the biggest interior design trend for 2013, as consumer driven environmentalism continues to grow in the community.

Green Furniture

There is an emphasis on furniture that is harvested, constructed, and produced with extreme care and respect for our environment. FSC Certified woods, along with that fast growing grass, bamboo, are becoming the stars of the show, as consumers are more aware of the impact that their selections make on our surroundings.

Recycled pieces that have been reconfigured as something new are making the rounds as buyers discover their unique look. Low chemical use methods in assembly are taking the place of the harsh chemicals that no longer make sense, and ethical work practices that support the people who are involved in every aspect of production are honored. This is the wave of 2013, and surely it will extend out to the future.

Green walls

From mobile plant panels to framed plant screens with lighting effects, this idea can bring a fresh touch to any apartment or internal public space. This approach is not only healthy, but also original and elegant. The advantages of having a green wall in your own home are countless; but include the cleaning, humidification and evaporation of the air, the potential use of these features to provide leafy greens, herbs and even edible flowers to your meals, and the inclusion of unmatchable sculptural works of nature.

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