Is an Extension Dining Table Right for You?

If you often find yourself wondering if there will be enough places for everyone to sit when it is time for dinner, then perhaps now is a good time to consider buying an extension dining table. Viesso offers several extension dining table options that are sure to provide you and your family with the extra seating that you require while positively complementing your dining room décor. If you are trying to decide if an extension dining table is right for you, here are a few facts to help you make your decision.

Extension Options

Extension dining tables are quite common, however, the method by which the dining table can be extended can vary. Some extension dining tables feature an extension panel that is collapsible. Other extension dining tables may split in order to allow additional leaves to be inserted. The right choice for you will depend on how much space you have in your dining room as well as the number of people that you need to seat. Either option will allow you to extend the dining table only for a mealtime and return it to the smaller size so that you can keep your dining room looking neat and not overcrowded.

Extension Dining Table Styles

Extension dining tables come in several different styles and shape. Your preferred shape should be determined by the size of your dining room as well as the shape of the other furniture in the room. To start, measure your room to figure out how much space you have. If there is other furniture in the room, you should make sure that you measure from the edge of the furniture, rather than from the wall, so that your new dining room table will not crowd the room.

In a smaller dining room, an oval table with extension options will keep the room from looking too crowded. Round tables also have the added benefit of tricking the eye into believing that the table takes up less space than it does. A round table can be changed into an oval shape with the addition of leaves, adding a different look to your dining room when you have guests over.

For a dining room that is a larger or more formal, rectangular tables are highly recommended. Rectangular tables can also seat more people than a round table. The rectangular design can also help to make the room seem even larger. Whichever style you select, just make sure that there is adequate clearance around the table.


When it comes to clearance around the dining table, how much space do you actually need? Every person around the table should have at least two feet in width of space to eat so that they are not tapping the adjacently seated individuals. To ensure that there is enough room for a chair, make sure that there is roughly three feet of space between the table and the wall. Finally, if you want to make sure that there is enough room for people to walk around the table on all sides, add an additional foot of space around the perimeter of the table. Remember, that if there is other furniture in your dining room, these measurements should be taken from the end of the furniture and not the wall.


If you are wondering exactly how much extra seating will be provided by an extension dining table, this figure will vary from table to table. On average, a dining room table that is six feet in length with the extension in will allow six to eight people to sit and eat comfortably. A table that is four feet in length will allow approximately four to six people to sit and eat. In selecting the number of seats that are required for your table, consider how many people tend to sit at the table on a normal day as well as for a holiday meal.

The base of the table will also make a difference as to how many people can comfortably sit at the table. Table bases come in several options. They can have four legs, two trestles or a single pedestal. In addition, many tables also feature table aprons which can reduce the amount of room that is available for leg room. Make sure that you take these features into account carefully. If you need help with reviewing and understanding these features, a Viesso furniture expert can help.


Extension dining tables from Viesso are made from the highest quality materials and you will have a number of options to select from. When it comes to extension table materials, the best dining tables are made from high quality woods and natural materials, such as bamboo. With proper care, your dining room table can last for years to come. When selecting a material, you should consider how much wear and tear your dining room table will receive on a daily basis and choose accordingly.

Extending dining tables are the best option for your home if you have a large family or you simply like to entertain often. To view the complete range of extension dining tables available from Viesso, click here:

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