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It Was All Yellow

Ask anyone what they think of when they think of the color yellow, and the result is almost always a quick response of “sunshine!”. We’re no experts, but this explains why people love yellow so much; it reminds them of warm, sunshine filled, summer days. Since we’re in the middle of Summer, there’s no better time to take on yellow as the next of our color series posts.

The interesting thing with adding yellow into your home is that you can go really bold, or you can go really light, with just a touch of the sunny shade. The pictures above exemplify this better than we can, from an entire wall full of bright yellow cabinets all the way to an old ladder painted a delicate and sweet yellow color. We happen to think that grey is an all-time best color to pair with your yellows, with navy blue, teal, red, and white coming in as strong contenders. Too much black with yellow and you’ve got yourself a bumblebee room, and too many bright colors with yellow and you’ve got yourself a headache. And nobody likes a yellow induced headache.

Do you have any yellow in your home? Are you a fan of the sunshine color? Let us know in the comments below, or over on twitter.

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