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Jetson Wannabes

Let’s be honest, when it comes to a home, everyone loves the kitchen. It’s where all the great meals and snacks come from, and where family and friends gather together to cook, talk, eat, share, and spend time together. The kitchen is the glue that holds a home together.

For modern home decor lovers, the idea of a luxury modern kitchen is just about too much to bear. Think of gathering with your loved ones in your dream luxury modern kitchen design, with lots of delicious food to share together.

When it comes to creating the perfect luxury modern kitchen look, it’s important to add in a few personal touches to make sure your kitchen doesn’t start to look like The Jetsons live there. (Unless, of course, you’re going for that look!) Adding books, or the perfect amount of wood, like the first two photos above, softens a modern kitchen and encourages a more home-like feel. Choosing bold, bright colors also mixes things up, and immediately expresses information about who lives there. Perhaps blending modern lighting fixtures with a touch of vintage glamor, in the form of a well-loved table, or large antique mirror. Alternatively, you could opt for lots of modern design, with sleek and smooth counters and cabinets, a modern dining table, and just hints of another style, with regards to artwork, window treatments, or decor items.

What would your dream modern luxury kitchen look like? What would be a must have, and what would be a deal breaker? Let us know in the comments!

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