Julien Macdonald Exotic Wallpaper

In today’s modern world of creative home decorating one art that is often overlooked is wallpaper. We seem to be right on top of things when choosing pictures and plaques and sconces to hang on the walls, but too frequently we forget about the impact appealing wallpaper can provide. The perfect picture is made even more attractive when the wallpaper provides a harmonious backdrop.

Often the wallpaper makes the statement all by itself, without any other kind of decoration on the wall. Today’s wallpaper designs are innovative, original and, yes, even exotic. If you’re remodeling a room in your home, remodeling the entire house, building a new house, seriously consider the impression the right wallpaper will make. If you haven’t experimented with wallpaper before, now is the time to learn more. Get out of your comfort zone and take a step in a more creative and daring direction.

For the very best, the most creative, the definitely interesting look of modern wall paper, check out the variety of patterns, colors and designs by the talented Julien Macdonald at www.viesso.com. If you have an idea of where you want to go with your wall covering, you can check out many different samples that will fit your ideas and suit tastes. If you’re not sure what look you want to achieve, browse a selection of designs and motifs from Julien Macdonald that will get your creative juices flowing.

Julien Macdonald is a popular and gifted fashion designer from Wales. He became interested in design when he was very young and later attended Brighton’s Royal College of Art. He was appointed as the top designer at the house of Givenchy in 2000. Because of his fashion expertise, he was named as Britain’s Designer of the Year in 2001. His extraordinary sense of fashion and design make him an obvious choice as a talented creator of exotic wallpaper. If you’re looking for something a little different, a little more innovative and ahead of the rest, take a look at some of the unusual and wonderful wallpaper selections created by Macdonald. Be prepared to browse a wide variety of designs, styles, colors and personalities!

The Macdonald collection offers a varying selection of flower print wallpapers. These flower-themed wallpapers include Dazzle, which is a complex design that is floral-based, but also patterned in a modern way with muted colors. Another flower theme, Anichov-Leaf is completely different in style and appeal, with lighter brighter colors and more delicately designed flowers.

Yet another botanical-themed wallpaper is the Avery with a colorful palette of plant and animal life that evokes a healthy, refreshing sensation. You could also choose the Marielle-Alpine, created through an exclusive process by which a simple sketch is turned into an artful wallpaper design. The design is masterful while the expert printing completes a look painting could never achieve.

Some of the more “plain” wallpaper designs are anything but plain. The elemental design in some of the less ornate samples use color and pattern to establish the desired outcome. Laguna is a wallpaper choice that looks textured because of the horizontal lines and deep color. Lucida has vertical stripes in varying widths and comforting charcoal hues that evoke a feeling of serenity and relaxation.

Oxygen-Capish Shell is an intriguing design in varying shades of gray set off with rows of capiz shell pendants hanging in such a way that they actually seem to be swaying and chattering in the wind. Bring some unexpected movement to a room with this exotic wallpaper.

Or perhaps you would prefer Lily, a cacophony of larger than life water lilies in various stages of growth, adorning your sitting room walls. This is a beautiful sea green covering, contemporary in its modern appeal, and one of the elegant hand-flocked designs.

For a more liberal design, artsy and eclectic, you can choose Corallo. This original wall covering was inspired by some of the original drawings by Piero Fornasetti, a famed Italian designer. This is one of many stunning designs that will convert an ordinary wall into a thing of artistic beauty.

A beautifully hand-flocked piece can be yours when you select the design called Venice. This wallpaper is like a miniature mural, made especially to accent the feeling of a particularly special room. The colors and stark white and black add immensely to the atmosphere of this wonderful piece that is reminiscent of old Venice.

There will be no difficulty is finding the perfect wallpaper for your decorating needs. The hardest decision will be which design to choose. There are a few other things to consider when choosing wallpaper. You might be choosing wallpaper for its aesthetic and exotic characteristics alone. But it is also good to know that wallpaper can be helpful in hiding certain imperfections in the wall. Small dings, dents or holes can be more easily covered than they could be by painting. Also keep in mind that the cleaning and maintenance of wallpaper requires more work that paint.

But the advantages of wallpaper are many and varied. The design factor offered with wallpaper is so much more creative that you can get with simply painting. Wallpaper is also an excellent choice to add texture and personality to any room.

There is not time or space to do justice to each of Macdonald’s literally hundreds of wall paper designs. If you would like to browse renowned fashion designer, Julien Macdonald’s large collection of wallpaper designs, or get some other décor ideas, visit www.viesso.com today!

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