King Size Platform Bed

Many people love the opulence and luxury of a king-sized bed in their bedroom. Perhaps they have sleep issues and need plenty of space in the bed so their partner's movements do not wake them at night. Perhaps a child occasionally slips into the bed with the parents, and they need a big bed to keep everyone from waking up. Perhaps these people are taller than average and need the extra length only found in a king-sized bed. For all of these situations a king-sized bed might be a necessity.

But the "McMansions" of the nineteen nineties are becoming dated and people are downsizing their homes to more practical dimensions. No one wants to pay a large house payment on a big home when they only use a portion of it. This means that bedrooms are smaller and a king-sized bed can pretty much fill up the average- sized master bedroom, leaving little space for chests of drawers and dressers. Smaller homes also mean that less closet space is available in a home, so many families are seeking extra storage space.

It would seem that in a small home, it would be impossible to have space for a king-sized bed and a dresser. However, for this type of situation, a king-sized platform bed would be ideal. Many king-sized platform beds have drawers underneath the bed, in many cases making a separate dresser or chest of drawers unnecessary. If you have very little closet space for storage, under-bed drawers utilize an otherwise wasted space in the bedroom.

What if storage space is not the problem, but you are overwhelmed by too many furnishings in a room? Perhaps you embrace the minimalist style, preferring one or two simple pieces in a room, rather than it being cluttered with items. A king-sized platform bed makes sense in this situation too. Platform beds are perfect for modern styles with simple lines and sleek finishes. Many people prefer to not have a headboard and instead want to emphasize the head of the bed with artwork or wallpaper, masterfully applied.

Many people love the simple style that a platform bed exhibits. By minimizing the embellishments on a platform bed, a skillful decorator can draw the eye to other design elements in the room. Perhaps it is an amazing sculpture, incredible painting, or just an fabulous view out of massive windows, but a good decorator knows that a simple bed will not compete with these other items of interest. Modern design emphasizes the materials from which a furnishing is created, rather than the elaborate adornments of the furnishings themselves. Platform beds, with their simple lines, focus the attention on the luxurious materials from which they were made.

If you want clean and simple, a platform bed is ideal. Modern decorating means minimal maintenance. A platform bed rests directly on the floor, not allowing clutter and dust to hide underneath the bed. With a platform bed, you no longer need to attempt to clean dust bunnies from underneath a bed with a dust mop.

If you are a homeowner with an affinity for modern style, Viesso is the best source for your needs. To peruse the complete collection of King-sized platform beds visit Viesso's online catalog today.

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