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Let’s be honest, we all love Pinterest. We’ve got a ton of boards we think you should follow. However, we all might as well make a board that’s titled, “We’re Never Going To Actually Do This”, as so many projects on Pinterest look amazing but make our heads spin upon attempting them.

The good news is that everyone can decorate for the Fourth of July using items and colors already found in the home. Click through to see lots of inspiring images that you’ll surely want to pin.

If you’ve got a flag in your home, of any size, now is the time to make sure it is prominently displayed! With that one simple move, you’re nearly Fourth of July ready.

Many porches or sun rooms already feature red and white decor (or blue and white). By adding one proper holiday decoration of the bird house on the table, this space instantly feels totally decorated. Easy peezy.

For homes that don’t like any cheesy decorations at all, the simple act of placing red and navy pillows on one’s couch can easily feel decorative. The addition of the red tray and red and blue books take it up another notch.

Again, with barely any changes, this space instantly feels patriotic. Without including anything plastic, glowing, or glitter filled.

Lastly, by changing up the bedding with a new set of sheets, throw pillows, or duvet cover, your decorating can be used again throughout the year and you’ve made your space festive. Win-win.

Decorating certainly doesn’t have to be gaudy or expensive. With just a simple few additions or by rearranging items you already own, your home will be just as ready to celebrate as you are. As for the party food, well, you’re on your own.

From our family to yours, we wish you a safe and happy Fourth of July!

*all images found on Pinterest. Of course.

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