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Large Stand Alone Mirrors

Home Décor

Technological advancement and global thinking play a major role in today’s modern furniture design and decor. Contemporary furniture design and décor choices are based on the types of materials used and color schemes involved in a world of modern, eclectic, futuristic designs. Designers are introducing advanced furniture construction concepts, developing furniture that is multifunctional.

Decidedly, designers are transitioning into the future, creating designs that are ecologically smart and intelligent, developing furniture pieces that are energy efficient and multifunctional. Conservation and efficiency measures demand new, ingenious décor. Whether decorating a single space or a number of rooms, modern décor is all about functionality and adaptability and Viesso can help you pick or design a piece that will provide only the best for your home or work space.

Green Technology

Green furniture technology is synonymous to modern furniture manufacturing. Ecologically friendly furniture design emphasizes the use of materials that preserve the Earth’s environment. In holistic design and development, “Green” technology, environmental concerns, and functional furniture have become a part of the mainstream.

An environment friendly industry is minimizing waste and promoting conservation by manufacturing furnishings made with sustainable materials that have a low impact on the environment.

Modern Design

Modern furniture and accessorizing products are now simple and efficient. When considering modern designs, there are several options to choose from, mixing and matching furniture to enhance the appearance of a room. It’s easy to change the look of any area with modern furniture designs. Industrial forward thinking is marked with intelligent design taking on a new direction. In a smart mix of modern furniture and functional accessories, modern interior design invites space saving ideas. Customized décor streamlines functionality in savvy furniture combinations.

Custom Furnishing

Custom-made furniture is gaining notoriety and popularity. In keeping pace with an advancing industry, customized furniture is popular. There is a growing demand for furniture and accessories in fabrics and styles made to order.

A growing demand for customized furniture has directed a number of manufacturers to specialize in customizing contemporary, modern designs, as well as replicating antique furnishings. The marketplace strives to provide consumers with exactly what they’re looking for in custom-made furniture. Customizing multifunctional mirrors is a popular design trend.

Multifunctional Mirrors

Decorative mirrors are not only practical, but they are also ecologically friendly. Mirrors reflect and preserve light and sound. Larger mirrors accent smaller spaces by filtering in light and energy. Mirrors create depth and brighten-up dark areas as they reflect outdoor light back into a room. Space and dimension are instantly added, changing a room’s atmosphere and ambiance.

Adding multifunctional mirror designs to modern décor is energy efficient, wise, and an excellent decorating choice. Mirrors make a big difference, they are practical and elegant. The great news is that decorative mirrors are manufactured in large quantities, available in grand collections that are displays of ingenuity, advanced design, style, and functionality.

Stand-Alone Mirrors

Consumers are discovering the ambiance of stand-alone wall mirrors available in every shape and style one could imagine. Stand-alone mirrors are easy to mix and match with any decorative style. Trendy frameless mirrors are timeless and futuristic. Antiqued mirrors are great reflections of the past. Ovular and rounded mirrors integrate well with a wide rangedecorating choices.

Stand-alone or lean mirrors have gained popularity. Highly energy-efficient, larger mirrors have outclassed traditional, framed wall mirrors; however, traditional mirrors continue to evolve, illuminating rooms with amazing displays of color. Narrow mirrors can add a sense of organization when placed side by side.

Decorating Reflections

Décor and design trends using mirrors are reflections of an industry that is quickly advancing with modern technology. Decorative mirrors are offered in a wide variety of collections that incorporate appealing designs exuding style, class, and etiquette. Decorative mirrors are usually based on a handful of traditional furnishing styles:

• Contemporary
• Eclectic
• English
• Mediterranean
• Old World
• Romantic
• Southwestern
• Traditional

Manufacturers offer a huge selection of finishes, including but not limited to:

• Brass
• Bronze
• Brushed Steel
• Chrome
• Painted
• Leather

Designed in a number of shapes from oval to rectangle, larger, decorative, stand-alone mirrors are manufactured in styles that will eloquently complement any room design, adorned with the following, exquisitely appealing borders:

• Advanced Plastics
• Beveled Glass
• Fine Metals
• Silver Beadings
• Silver Leafs
• Wood and Cork

Floor mirror designs are made in cheval, swinging frames, and standing styles, from chic, contemporary pieces to antique mirrors that are made to reflect a sense of class and style.

Evolving Design

With innovation and technological advancements, the furniture industry maintains a great sense of diversity in contemporary styles that are diverse, manufactured with quality products that are ecologically friendly, and customized to suite practically any décor and any setting. Efficiency and functionality are at the very core of furniture manufacturing and design today.

Industry leaders around the world collectively agree that a mix and match of functional furniture designs, including stand-alone mirrors, is wise decorating that withstands the test of time and the challenge of change. Reinventing a room is not difficult for those who are informed and familiar with the infinite number of furnishing styles and options available.

Home décor, Green furniture, and custom modern designs are evolving, including a grand, eclectic mix of modern contemporary décor and antiques that are aesthetically pleasing, environmentally conscious, and extremely stylish furniture advancing into a future of pleasing reflections.

Unique Mirrors

Viesso’s strength comes in their dedication to the craft. Furniture, even mirrors, do more than their intended purpose. They are a statement, placed to speak volumes or say nothing at all. Viesso offers you the opportunity to craft something special from start to finish. Contact us today, whether you’re sure of what you want or still deciding. In either case, our team will make your home come alive with respect to your space and the environment.

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