Lean Contemporary Bench

The lean contemporary bench is one of Viesso’s most beautiful and functional furniture items. The strategically placed bench can amazingly transform interior spaces such as long hallways or in a home’s entryway into useful and beautiful living spaces. A bench can also be added as additional seating for a dining ensemble or banquette. Its simplicity allows it to work well in practically any room.

For variety, contemporary look mixes well with all styles of furniture. Place two simple benches side-by-side to add interest to an expansive wall space. The beauty of a contemporary bench works as well in a rustic loft as it does in a futuristic setting. . Using a bench that has been constructed of green materials can help contribute to an improvement in quality of the room’s interior space, as well as help save the earth’s environment.

Perhaps the most important feature of all, is Viesso’s use of green materials in the manufacture of the furniture pieces that are sold both in-store or online. Most furniture buyers are unaware of the fact that the adhesives commonly used to hold furniture together can contain toxic compounds that can significantly lower the quality of the air in a room. None of these toxic compounds are found in the Viesso contemporary benches.

The lean contemporary bench can effortlessly transform virtually any room in the home.
In a living room, the precision of a contemporary bench combined with the beauty of natural wood, works best when used alone with no ornamentation. Adding taut lengths to interesting angles, the bench can be an artful addition that imparts elegance to the space.

In the bathroom, a short, narrow contemporary bench placed beside one’s bathtub, creates a convenient place to sit. It also works well as a place for rolled towels or soaps. When it is time for a relaxing bath, a bench beside the tub can hold candles, incense and other bath accoutrements.

When strategically placed in front of a window, a sleek, narrow bench can replace a traditional window seat. The look is much cleaner and less cumbersome. Use without cushions for a minimalist appearance.

A contemporary bench that rests at the foot of a bed, can elongate the appearance of the bed while providing a convenient place to sit while dressing. Purchasing a contemporary bench in wood that either matches or contrasts with the bed can add additional interest. The contemporary styling adds a nice variance with a traditional or antique dressing table. A contemporary bench in a child’s room can provide a desirable contrast to children’s furniture that can sometimes seem cloying.

A minimalist look is perfect for a Zen room or exercise room. Nothing can be a more appropriate addition than a lean, contemporary bench constructed of natural wood. Paired with the right area rug, the bench can add elegance to an otherwise minimalist interior space.

As one of the most versatile and artful pieces of furniture, the lean contemporary bench has taken the lead in a new array of functional home fashions. Viesso has a selection of elegant contemporary benches that can add interest to any room.

Viesso is a modern furniture venue that offers new and improved ways to shop. The website and in- store furniture selections offer custom options for furniture purchases. There are also in-home trials to determine whether or not a given piece works in a particular décor. Contact Viesso at www.viesso.com to find the lean contemporary bench of your choice today!