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Leather Headboard Bed

Leather is a classic yet timeless texture that brings sumptuous organic beauty to home décor. When considering bed designs, the intricacies of wood or metal work may come to mind, yet the combined essence of traditional warmth and modern lines are beautifully captured in the leather headboard bed. A leather headboard bed offers many benefits and suits a variety of design tastes for those seeking to bring a modern touch of quality, opulence and style difference to bedroom décor.

Style and Variety in Leather Headboards

Sensual, supple, tufted with covered buttons or padded, rounded, modern with folded clean corners. The designs in leather are there for the current lifestyle, whether tastes run traditional or towards the sleek, minimal and open. One enterprising company, Viesso, specializes in eco-friendly designs that compliment the pocketbook and enhance modern lives with custom options and green materials.

The Tufteds

The tufted headboard or tufted with deep-set covered buttons is a popular design that feels chic and lends a bit of old Hollywood Regency glamour to a design scheme. A leather grid tufted headboard without buttons translates as more geometrically neutral and less romantic in feel. The design of the headboard base itself can be ornate with the addition of tufts and covered buttons or a simple square or rectangle, demonstrating a versatility that will compliment any style bedroom design.

Plain Panels

For the “less is more” individual, the padded or padded paneled headboard is a statement piece that provides solid drama that blends well with the popular sparer contemporary aesthetic. Panels come in standard sizing or can be elongated to extend the headboard design and incorporate the walls and furnishings. This clean style panel is an exercise in simplicity that neutralizes a room and emphasizes the clarity in a space.

Hobnail and Varieties

For the cutting edge individual, there are the more daring hobnail headboard designs. The hobnail designs bring an organic and rustic sensuality to the bedroom and blend well with eclectic tastes. Headboard designs that combine wood frames or hobnail frames with leather emphasize the earthy feel of the leather and extend the range of complimentary textures and materials normally used in the bedroom.

Shapes, Sizes, Colors

An individual may choose from a variety of shapes and headboard heights to suit an existing bed style and frame. This, along with the choice of colors and patinas, from whites, buffs, tans, and neutrals to browns and blacks with softened suede, patent or polished finishes, all contribute to the design possibilities present with the leather headboard. Custom providers like Viesso offer the element of uniqueness to their headboard design line, enabling the individual to completely personalize the look of their contemporary headboard or headboard bed to suit room décor and their personal taste and trend.


The return of “back to basics,” natural treatments, recycling, and eco-friendly materials has spawned entire industries, and leather headboard furnishings, that work toward conscious living. More companies, like Viesso, with their eco-friendly attitudes towards design materials slowly follow the lead in offering the consumer options to include conscious beauty in their bedroom designs. Natural conscious aesthetics are the essence of beauty.

All Important Comfort

The bedroom is the room in which to retire, to find rest, to be intimate, to find respite and relief from the stresses of the day. The bedroom is a sanctuary and the bed is the most important and most intimate piece of furniture in the home. The leather headboard bed as a centerpiece of that sanctuary draws the eye, the mind and the sensibility to a texture whose beauty comes from nature, and this is immediately relaxing.

The leather headboard bed is designed for comfort because it is designed with padding and support. The standard wooden or metal varieties of headboards lack padding and require combinations of “pillow piling” to accommodate the person who reads or works in bed, or enjoys a Sunday breakfast in bed. Leather has also always exemplified the epitome of quality, luxury and sensuality to the touch and to the eye, with buttery soft textures and refined patinas.

Leather Headboard Durability and Maintenance

Leather is a substantial texture, durable and long lasting that becomes softer and more comfortable over time. In terms of maintenance, a leather headboard is easily cleaned, maintained and kept in its original condition due to the nature of leather. The leather headboard requires no advanced cleaning methods or machines that may be required with an upholstered headboard, remaining fresh and sanitary in a way that material headboards cannot. Once over lightly with a damp cloth is all that is normally required for cleaning.

Choosing a Style and Purchasing

The key to choosing a style of leather headboard bed for your bedroom is found in design balance and personal expression. Keeping in mind that the choice of bed can completely change the ambiance and look of the room, it is best to consider blending beauty with functionality. It is also important to recognize that a bed is the focal point of the bedroom and so decide to augment and choose furnishings after having first chosen a leather headboard bed as a starting piece when possible.

So then, you’re ready to go, you’re sold and you’ve decided on a leather headboard bed. What now? There are a few preliminary things the individual can do to make the process easier before making a purchase.

• Assess the room. Is there natural light? What color works?
• Measure the bed to know the proper size.
• Make a general style determination by looking at the bed placement in the room and other furnishings and furnishing ideas.
• Determine a price point for spending that you are comfortable with.

Leather headboard beds come in all sizes including, single, twin, full, queen, king and California King. They are made by many design houses and companies and have found a new popularity that introduces more companies and choices every day, and they can be found most easily online. One company in particular that gets fantastic review ratings for the most popular contemporary design styles for leather headboard beds is Viesso. Their website can be found at www.Viesso.com. Visit them today to peruse a wide selection of leather headboard beds as well as other home décor ideas and begin your decorating adventure.