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Light Up the Night with Modern Outdoor Light Fixtures

Outdoor lighting should be a massive consideration when planning the lighting for your home. Our outdoor light fixtures at Viesso can offer savings on energy bills, increased safety, and a more aesthetically pleasing garden at night.

However, how do you choose a modern light fixture? Read our guide for details on the best outdoor light types (Outdoor pendants, for example) and how to choose one.

Why is Outdoor Lighting an Essential Consideration for Your Home?

Although illuminating the outside of your home is the primary goal of outdoor lighting, its significance goes way beyond that.

Here are some reasons why outdoor lighting can benefit your home:

  • It can make your home safer. It does this by illuminating every part of your garden, reducing the likelihood of tripping and injuring yourself. Use it to illuminate your front porch, other parts of your deck, walkways, and more.
  • It makes your garden and home more secure. If you light your outdoor space sufficiently, you can deter criminals from entering your home.
  • It improves the aesthetics of your outdoor space. If you love specific parts of your garden, like statues or water features, you can highlight them with outdoor lighting.
  • It can create a relaxed mood in the garden at light. You can use outdoor light fixtures as mood lighting for your outdoor space. Lighting can make all the difference if you often have parties or small gatherings in your garden.

  • Along with all of these benefits, modern lighting introduces new positives you need to consider, including:

    • Modern LED outdoor lighting saves you money on energy bills because they use much less energy than more traditional lighting.
    • They last longer than traditional outdoor lighting, saving you money on maintenance and repair.
    • You can customize outdoor lights. They can come in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes. Many lights are also compatible with outdoor smart systems.

    What Are the Main Types of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures?

    Now you understand why modern outdoor lighting can be a positive addition to your home, we need to detail the main types of outdoor lighting fixtures and what we can offer at Viesso.

    Here are the most common and popular types of outdoor lighting.

    Outdoor Wall Lights

    Outdoor wall lighting is excellent if you want to create a perimeter of lights around your front and back garden. 

    As well as flat walls, you can place wall lights on pillars and fences.

    Additionally, wall lights don’t have to stick out too much. If you want a wall light that fits a subdued garden aesthetic, try our Ginger LED wall lights for outdoor use.

    Outdoor Ceiling Lights

    Outdoor ceiling lights are excellent for covering a large amount of space in an outdoor area.

    Most of the lights we do for walls are also suitable for a ceiling. For example, an excellent choice to look at is our Plaff-on LED light for a wall or ceiling. It’s a large enough light for a ceiling and illuminates a space excellently.

    Outdoor Post Lights

    Post lights are brilliant options for illuminating specific parts of the garden. You can plant them at any point in the garden, so consider the garden design before deciding on the number of lights and their locations.

    Additionally, outdoor post lights are brilliant for illuminating the back of your garden to deter criminals from entering there.

    Many post lights look cumbersome and out of place, but we have a sleeker, slimmer model that fits into a garden more. Therefore, check out our Ginger B20 Bollard lights.

    Outdoor Porch Lights

    Porch lights are essential if you want to create a brilliant atmosphere for gatherings on your porch.

    Although wall lights can do this, you can get free-standing lamps to place on your porch or porch furniture.

    Outdoor Pendant Lighting and Outdoor Hanging Lights

    Outdoor pendant lighting is very similar to ceiling lighting, but they are more aesthetically pleasing. If you have a porch with a roof, outdoor hanging lights can be the centerpiece.

    You can suspend outdoor hanging lights from many places, including a gazebo roof, a pergola, or a sturdy tree branch. If you want outdoor hanging lights for a tree branch, check the outdoor pendants to see if that is a suitable installation option.

    Our Soho Outdoor pendant lights are fantastic to create a moody atmosphere outside.

    How Do You Choose the Perfect Outdoor Lighting Fixture?

    Once you decide on an outdoor light type (outdoor hanging lights, for example), you must research to find the best one.

    Here are our tips for making the best outdoor lighting choice:

    • Decide on the purpose of the lighting. For example, you may want outdoor hanging lights illuminating a gazebo or pergola.
    • Determine the overall style of your outdoor space and find outdoor hanging lights that match.
    • Work out how large you need the outdoor hanging lights to be so they don’t take up too much space.
    • You need to consider where you want the outdoor hanging lights and check if there is enough space for them.
    • Check the price of the outdoor hanging lights to see if they fit your budget.

    Choosing Between Brands Like Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting

    The other thing you must be aware of when researching outdoor light fixtures is that many brands make high-quality lights.

    On the surface, it can be challenging to determine the brand that suits you. Research its products, history, and mission statement to find the right outdoor light brand.

    We hope our excellent lighting products point you towards Viesso, but it makes sense that you do as much research as possible.

    Here are some well-known outdoor lighting brands you may come across:

    • WAC lighting.
    • Trans Globe Lighting.
    • Livex Lighting.
    • Hinkley Lighting.
    • Generation Lighting.
    • Capital Lighting.
    • Millennium Lighting.
    • Nuvo Lighting.
    • Dark Sky Compliant Lighting.
    • Troy Lighting.
    • Savoy House.
    • Designers Fountain.

    How Do You Install and Maintain Outdoor Lighting?

    We recommend hiring a professional outdoor lighting installer to install your lights, especially if they are a delicate type like outdoor pendants.

    If you want to install outdoor hanging lights (or any other light type) yourself, ensure you know exactly where it's going and have all the necessary safety equipment.

    Also, although modern outdoor lighting requires less maintenance than traditional lighting, you must clean the lights regularly and check for cracks or damage.

    Final Thoughts on Why You Should Consider Outdoor Lighting

    In summary, outdoor lighting can completely transform your garden if you embrace it. It also provides many other benefits, including saving you money on energy and maintenance.

    We recommend looking at a wide range of outdoor lighting fixtures to ensure you find the best one.

    If you want to enquire about some of our best outdoor lighting products, contact us on Viesso.

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