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Living Room Furniture Set

If you are looking for unique, beautiful, modern, durable living room furniture that is also of a high quality and reasonably priced, look no further. Viesso has the furniture that is just right for you, just right for your home, just right for today. You deserve Viesso.
No matter what your style or preference or décor might be, there are so many selections in living room furniture for you to choose from at Viesso. You can choose each piece with confidence knowing that they will work well with each other to give your home a balanced and beautiful look. Let’s start with one of the most popular sofas and then go from there.

The Dekayess Sofa

The Dekayess sofa at 80” in length is smaller than some of the other sofas, and is just right to make a smaller living room look a little bigger. The arms are smaller and well proportioned to complement the smaller sofa. The look is one of simple refinement. There is an option of several different styles of wooden legs to give you the opportunity to make the look of the sofa truly yours. There are also well over a hundred options in the upholstery fabrics you can choose for this modern-looking sofa. Rest assured that the color and fabric that are just right for you are also available for you.

Your perfect choice for the accompaniment to the Dekayess sofa might be the elegant and simple Dekayless ottoman. It is simple in its appearance and functional in its design. You can choose the legs that will match those on the sofa to add to the coordination in the room. Then you can decide on a fabric to match or contrast that of the sofa.

The Mota custom chair is one of the chairs that will tastefully add to the décor of this room. The Mota has an unobtrusive look and feel with its slender dimensions and close to the floor frame. This is an elegant chair that retains its casual look, just the right addition to the Dekayess sofa and Dekayless ottoman in the room.

Another beautiful addition to any living room furniture can be found in the many elegant and modern sectionals that are available. Each sectional is a little different. Each offers the appropriate variety to satisfy any taste and each can help you achieve that precisely personal look that you wish to accomplish.

Classical Rio Design

One of the sectionals that you might want to consider is the beautifully classical Rio design. This modern sectional is designed with straight, simple, elegant lines to give it a modern look. It is very comfortable, but still retains that modern and sophisticated look. The proportions are just right to allow this sectional go well with many other types and styles of furniture. As with so much of the furniture offered at Viesso, the fabric options are almost limitless. The decision is yours. This is a sectional that would look especially gorgeous in high quality leather.

When considering that arrangement of the various pieces of the Rio sectional, your choices again are greatly varied. You can put a chaise lounge on the right or on the left. You can face a wedge open to either direction. You can arrange the sectional into a simple “L” shape. You can separate the pieces and decide to let some of them stand alone. The choice is yours. And when you decide its time for a change, re-arrange the pieces again. You’ll love the Rio.


Described as a “model of minimalism” is another beautiful sectional is the modern and basic Nein. Even more than most sectionals offer, the Nein is a dream design offering a multitude of arrangements. Because of the straight, clean lines this sectional gives a great flexibility in the options of the placement of each piece. The arms are wide and comfortable and offer additional seating. Choose from a variety of fabrics that are organic and 100% natural, some solid, some textured, some plain, some more patterned and ornate. The Nein sectional can include square or rectangular ottomans, armless chairs, modern-looking chairs with arms only on the right or only on the left and comfortable and cozy corner chairs.

There is also a Viesso sectional that may not be for everyone, but is so sleek and uncomplicated and wonderful that is deserves our undivided attention when reviewing sectionals. The Bamboo Float sectional is simplicity and elegance like you’ve never seen before. This is the modern collection from the creative thoughtfulness of well-known architect Robert Swatt. With his ability to combine a feeling of Asian Zen with functionality and durability he pairs simple upholstered seating, which seems to float effortlessly on top of a natural bamboo base. The resultant feeling is very light and free, but also well balanced and secure in its texture and form. The entire look is even more complete with the addition of matching bamboo end tables. The natural bamboo is available in four beautiful colors. Choose from the lightest Natural, the honey-colored Amber, the warmth of Coffee or the richness of Chocolate. No matter what color you choose or how you choose to arrange this furniture, the Bamboo Float is serene and relaxing.

Next let’s take a look at some of the beautiful and modern benches and stools that will complete the look of your living room and add to the aesthetic of the sofa or sectional and chairs you’ve already decided on. These benches and stools are also unique and incomparable in their design and can be customized to your exacting specifications. Not only are the beautiful to look at, but they are also functional and comfortable all the while retaining that modern contemporary look.

The Bjork Stool

The Bjork stool, available in either the high or low style, is so natural looking that it is reminiscent of a comfortable tree stump in a beautiful birch forest. This stool is light and soft and unobtrusive. The Bjork is available in light or dark grey. Both the colors offered display tones and hues that create a natural-looking marbled effect by the intertwining of the warp and the weft of the wool. The result is not only a comfortable softness, but also a natural resistance to soiling because of the natural oils of the fiber. Bjork rugs are also available a wide variety of sizes and in the same colors and qualities as the beautiful Bjork stools.

Another addition to your living room furniture set might be the one-of-a-kind Pawn stool. This is a small stool, great in a variety of places and settings, with an alluring geometric shape. Chess pieces are the inspiration behind this unique design. Veneer panels are cut with exact precision and then joined into a geometric design and shape. The veneer is attached to wood panels in such a way that warping is prevented and structural integrity is maintained even over extended periods of time.

One of the Viesso benches is so simple that it doesn’t get the attention it deserves is the Mento bench. The Mento bench comes in wide circular with short stocky legs or in the thin circular with longer more elegant legs, and also comes in the wide or think square bench with stocky or slender legs. The Mento can be plain and understated neutral colors or can be stylish and attention grabbing in a variety of colors and finishes such as tufting or quilting.

The Plyned Bench

Another bench that deserves our attention and consideration is the Plyned bench. With its graceful and modern look and its solid construction of layered bamboo it goes perfectly standing alone, but also adds a continuity between living room and dining room when it matches the Plyned dining tables.

To add to your decorating choices when choosing a living room furniture set, Viesso also makes their own pillows. Whether it's accent pillows, bolster pillows, or floor pillows, you have the option of choosing from an unbelievable variety of fabrics, as well as the filling type and pillow size. You can add any of their stylish pillows to your Viesso sofa or chair to complete the perfect look.

As with all of Viesso furniture, the living room furniture sets and of the highest quality materials and the finest craftsmanship. Design, appeal, comfortable, functionality, durability and quality are your guarantee from Viesso. Make sure to contact Viesso today for your upgrade on a fine living room furniture set.

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