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Living Room Furniture Sets

The appearance of the living room makes a lasting impression on those who enter it. It speaks of the homeowner’s personality and taste. The living room is a place to relax, gather for conversation and be entertained. Modern living room furniture design allows for a nearly endless variety of placements, organization and function.

The furniture chosen will look its best when the shape and size of the room is considered. Nearly every living room has a unique furniture arrangement that is perfect, enhancing the look of the area and making the most of the available space. Regardless of the room dimensions and the access points, careful selection of sofas, end tables, recliners and floor lamps will result in a truly custom indoor environment.

Designing The Perfect Living Room

Customers should think about the shape of the room and where foot traffic is likely to occur. The placement of furniture depends heavily on the shape of the room and the ease of moving about when furniture is present. The location of the windows needs to be considered as well. If the living room is going to be used as an entertainment center, where will the TV be located? Will the sofa be used primarily for watching television? If so, should the sofa be in the center of the room or against a wall?

Many of the modern sofas and sectionals come in several different sizes. The height of the sofa can be adjusted using larger or smaller legs. If the living room is square in shape and does not have a lot of length, customers may want to consider a sofa that has no arms. This saves a good amount of space while allowing a full-size sofa to be used. Many of the modern sofas come with an L-extension, but this can be replaced with a small end table or ottoman instead. One of the best reasons to consider an L-extension is that the pieces can be arranged in several different configurations.

Blending Furniture With Room Accents

Many choose to create a custom look and theme in their living room by complementing the furniture with the decorations. A European style chaise or elongated sofa may look best when combined with a multi-colored glass floor lamp, with oil paintings adorning the walls. Silky wall curtains can highlight an Asian inspired futon sectional. For every type of furniture style and arrangement there are plenty of choices to be made concerning the room accents.

Visiting a modern furniture showroom is one of the best ways to find out what sofas, recliners, coffee tables and floor lamps are good choices for a particular room size and shape. Most designers of contemporary living room furniture have a specific arrangement pattern developed that shows off the functionality of the pieces as well as what they will look like when surrounded by certain room accents.

Choosing The Right Fabric

The materials chosen not only sets the color tone of the living room but also determines the overall appearance and feel of the furniture. Foam materials are firmer and give the furniture a more straight, hardened look. Feathers or softer material creates a rounded appearance to the sofa and chairs. Many of the outer fabrics used are made with stain-resistant fibers.

Matching the color and texture of the furniture to the color of the walls and living room accents takes some careful planning. If the living room has dark wood paneling, furniture chosen will look better if it has brighter hues complementing the natural look of the room. If the living room has many windows and thus a great amount of light coming through from outside, brilliant fabric tones may appear too bright. One way to complement colors well is to customize the sofa and recliners with cushions made from a different fabric than the furniture. Bright cushions on darker sofas can have a very dramatic effect on the senses.

Some Popular Sofa Designs

The sofa is often the highlight of the living room decoration and draws immediate attention. One of the most popular sofa types is the split back bed design. Most of these have two large back cushioned sections that are angled rather gently. The legs are height-adjustable and there are usually no arms. This means the sofa can be placed in smaller living rooms where space is at a premium. Full sofa beds have smaller backs and very large cushions. They also have narrow arms that allow the seating area to be greater in size.

Bamboo sofas are becoming quite popular. Most of these have a two-seat cushion design that can be centered on the bamboo base or set at one end. The latter creates an end table that shows off a good amount of the bamboo itself. These designs are usually a combination of bright bamboo that resembles varnished birch, complemented by red, blue or dark brown fabric.

The deluxe queen sofa is larger and has huge back cushions. These are not attached to the sofa itself and can be replaced with smaller cushions if desired. This sofa style has no end pieces or arms and can be fitted into a smaller space if needed. It is also a popular design for those wanting the sofa placed in the center of the living room. Longer 7-foot sofas with armrests and thicker padding are best placed against the wall. These designs usually have no back cushions, leaving the owner the choice of purchasing accent throws or smaller cushions to decorate the piece.

Full Sectional Sets

Build-your-own sectionals offer a wide variety of placement patterns. There is a sectional design that is perfect for every shape and size living room. These furniture sets offer homeowners the choice of creating a truly custom look to the room merely by arranging the sofa and L-extension to take advantage of the available space.

Open sectionals are among the most popular of these designs. The longer section of the sofa has an armrest at the far end while the L-extension is flat, serving as a bed. Often known as a wedge design, these are perfect for a living room that is rectangular in shape. The sofa can be placed along the narrow end of the room and extend partway around the longer dimension.

Combining a sofa with a loveseat is another way to create an L-extension. Most of the sofas found in modern furniture showrooms have an accompanying loveseat. Since the two are not joined together, the owner has the choice of placing them as a sectional or moving them to different parts of the room. The popular bamboo sectionals are designed in this way. The longer sofa has an open end that can be set next to a smaller loveseat. There is exposed bamboo on both ends, creating dual end tables.

One of the most exciting sectional designs combines the sofa with a full chaise. These are larger and take up more space, but the appearance is stunning. The chaise acts as a bed with the end cushion of the sofa providing the headboard. Most of these designs are triple-cushion. Two cushioned sections make up the sofa, with the chaise being the same width as each of these.

Tables, Media Centers And Accents

Complementing the color of the furniture fabric with the shades of the accents and wood tables can be a bit challenging, but the results can be stunning. Many of the softer tones of sofa fabric go very nicely with dark-stained wood. Modern coffee table designs include heavy glass over brown or black bases. These look beautiful when set on a lighter colored carpet. Accent pillows look best when the material chosen is similar to the sofa or recliner fabric, but somewhat different in color. Accent pillows enhance the theme of the room when the proper design is chosen. If the room is used primarily for entertainment and movie viewing, accent pillows with a Hollywood theme are appropriate.

Even smaller living rooms will benefit from the addition of end tables, small self-contained indoor fireplaces and wood benches. The trick is to choose colors that complement each other without any one piece making too loud of a statement. Choosing wood tables and benches that have a lighter shade look very nice when placed near a dark-toned sofa. Darker brown or black coffee tables look beautiful when set next to a bamboo sofa or loveseat. The colors complement each other well because the contrast isn’t too sharp.

Custom design of living rooms is certainly not a new fad, but today’s modern furniture styles allow individuals to create something very special. High quality materials and well-designed furniture pieces make for endless possibilities. One of the most important things about designing the perfect living room is to make certain the arrangement can be altered. Most sectionals available today allow for a complete rearrangement, and the softer colors means any changes to the wall decor and window curtains will not affect the furniture’s impact on the senses.

Viesso is a modern furniture design company with an extensive selection of sofas, sectionals, loveseats, coffee tables and room accents. The selection is huge and allows homeowners as well as apartment dwellers the ability to create a custom living room design. Top quality materials and excellent product warranties means peace of mind for the consumer. Look over the fine selection of living room sets today at Viesso and start planning your dream home.

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