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Living Room Sofa

The sofa is the centerpiece of the living room. It is where guests are ushered to, where kids settle down for a movie, and where parents spend some of their few moments alone together catching up. Modern sofas have developed to be less angular and uncomfortable than in times past. Today, designers realize the importance of comfort must intersect with the importance of aesthetic.

Modern sofas take minimalistic design lines and add just enough extras to them to create a stunningly elegant product. Sofas with squared corners lend a sense of uprightness to a room and can unite a cluttered room. Similarly, for living rooms that are too rigid, a modern sofa with soft, curving lines will create a cozier, homey feel.

The overall shape of modern sofas varies, allowing different aesthetics to find exactly the right item. Wood framed sofas match wood themed rooms but aren’t ideal for children because of the sharp corners. Sofas with softer corners make safe play spaces but don’t always match the clean, minimalist look of a modern living room. The different options available for living room sofas allow each homeowner the opportunities to custom create the look of their living room.

Color is an important aspect of any piece of furniture, and even more so when the item will be the focal point of a room. Modern sofas range in colors from bold primary colors to subtle grays and browns. While many people visualize a solid colored sofa when asked to think of a modern sofa, the reality is that patterned fabric is absolutely available for modern upholstery. Paisley, plaid and more are all available depending on the chosen sofa.

Many homeowners furnishing or redecorating a living room are stuck between spending lots of money on a designer product that fits their aesthetic and more affordable options that don’t lend the elegance and class they seek. By avoiding department stores, it is easy to find stylish sofas and furniture at a reasonable price. Breaking the bank isn’t necessary to have a fashionable living room. Looking for a certain style rather than a certain brand name is the best way to save money on sofas.

The material a sofa is made of can make or break it when it comes to comfort. Scratchy fabrics are clearly out, but softer fabrics can sometimes be allergens. Luckily, with modern technology more and more specialized types of upholstery fabrics are being invented and sold. Other things to consider when choosing a upholstery fabric include how easy it is to clean, how durable it is, how it handles pet hair and if it is washable. Some homeowners choose to seek out a sofa with the least environmental impact.

Picking a sofa for a living room is the first piece of the living room design puzzle. By considering shape, color, fabric and style, homeowners can take advantage of the many options available. By doing this type of research, consumers will guarantee that the product they receive is comfortable, attractive, and affordable.

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