Lounge Style Sofas

Lounge style sofas offer not only sublime style, but comfort. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, plus the materials make a one-of-a-kind-piece for any home. However, the environment concerns many people looking to redecorate, and that means green is in the palette even if the color green does not appear anywhere in the house. Luckily, contemporary furniture captures sustainable style that eases the conscious, benefits the earth, and captures the feel of custom furniture. Below, some options for earth-friendly lounge style sofas.

A sectional provides a lot of room for sitting or sleeping, and also comes in a lounge style. Though sectionals are quite large, they can be shaped into a myriad of looks by moving around the sections and pillows. Some even offer additional space for storage, and certain styles contain wide, low arms that can double as seats for party-goers, or make a convenient place to put a plate when snacking in front of the television. Sectionals come in a selection of eco-friendly materials for the cover as well as for the filling. A choice of legs also allows you to make certain sectionals one-of-an-earth-friendly-kind. A popular brand in this type of lounge style sofa includes the Strata Sectional Collection, which truly gives a range of looks for multiple rooms in the home, making the most of function in green design.

Another type of lounge sofa is the sleeper style. This sofa doubles as a bed and the size options work for both large homes or small apartments, and dwellings in-between. No matter the size you get, the same high-quality green materials and craftsmanship provide comfort whether sitting or sleeping. Popular brands in this sofa include the Canyon Sectional Sofa with its sleek structure that changes from a sofa to a bed in one smooth movement of the foam back, maintaining the integrity of the piece without a lot of bulky hardware, thus ensuring comfort despite repeated use.

Funky seems to go hand-in-hand with the lounge sofa style, so there is no need to worry that being concerned with nature means that all your furniture will look natural. For example, the Dekayes Sofa Collection uses vibrant eco-conscious materials to enrich the setting of any décor. The rounded arms and low back reflect distinct influences of 60's London mixed with antiques. Even available in paisley, it truly showcases how far green design has come. Again, with this sofa a variety of materials, pillows, and a choice in leg styles allows you to add your individual flare.

A great thing about being able to choose the materials is that once you find a specific style, you can buy as many as needed, and finish them in different ways to refresh the décor. And there is no reason they cannot be used in settings outside the home, such as the office. There is no need to buy something that harms the environment when so many kinds of lounge sofa styles exist, made in a sustainable form and function.

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