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Luxury Sectionals

Beautiful and luxurious sectionals are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, materials, and sizes at Viesso. Choose from the very popular Strata Collection sectional with its unique, modern design, low, wide arms to the eye-catching Asian Zen flavor of the Bamboo Float sectional with its modern pairing of bamboo for the base and upholstered seating on top and matching end tables to complete balanced look to the very comfortable Blumen L with its high angled arms the fit perfectly into the back of the sectional providing backrests on every side. If one of these sectionals isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, one of the many others is sure to fit the bill.

This furniture is made of top quality materials, with environmentally friendly green options available. Great care is taken in the construction of each piece to ensure durability, comfort, and style. With Viesso more options customized to the buyers specifications are more readily available than with other furniture manufacturers. Every customer is important. Every piece of furniture is made with that important customer in mind. All the frames are made with green-source wood, bamboo being a favorite because of its natural ability to re-grow rapidly. The upholstered areas of all furniture, including the luxury sectionals, contain natural latex and eco wool. Feather fill options consist of feathers and down from birds being raised for food. Stains and varnish are solvent-free.

If you are looking for a sectional that will give you ample sitting room, but your space is small, check out the modern and sleek Dekayess model. The shallow width allows the sectional to fit well in smaller rooms, while the modern design gives the feeling of roominess without bulkiness. This unassuming sectional gives the customer the opportunity to make it their own with the personal choices of colorful accent pillows and unique fabrics.

For those who are in the market for luxury sectionals to be placed in hotels or office buildings some styles to seriously consider are the Neo sectional sofa, the Canyon sectional sofas 1 and 2. The Neo sectional comes in a wide selection of fabrics, offers a simple yet timeless design, is durable as well as comfortable. Removable fabric covers make it possible to keep this furniture always clean and new-looking. The frame is made of steel-reinforced laminated wood. The only assembly required is to attach the legs.

The Canyon collection has elegant clean lines and also uses innovative construction that itself becomes a part of the pleasing look of the design. There is almost no end to the seating arrangements that can be devised with the Canyon. The Canyon sectional number 1 has a chaise, a sofa, and a chair, and three cushions. Sectional number 2 has a two sofas, five cushions and a bolster.

With their functionality, durability, high quality materials, excellent craftsmanship and construction, you won’t find a better product that the luxury sectionals at Viesso. Your satisfaction is their main goal. Visit the showroom in Los Angeles or purchase with assurance on line. This is a great company, growing fast, but always with an eye on each customer and the satisfaction of each transaction. Whether you’re buying for you own individual needs, or you’re a purchasing agent for a motel, you can rest assured you will find exactly what you’re looking for at Viesso. Contact Viesso at today!

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