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Mastering Modern Art Deco Interior Design

In the constantly evolving world of interior design, as with fashion, trends come and go in a seemingly cyclical nature. Today's trend on the inspiration merry-go-round is Art Deco style. That's right - the bold and symmetrical beauty of Art Deco design is making a striking comeback.

At Viesso, we’re thrilled to explore how you can integrate this luxurious style into modern homes. We'll run through some of the foundational principles of Art Deco design before sharing some Art Deco furniture ideas from our own collection.

Historical Context of Art Deco

The Art Deco era emerged as a symbol of modernity, sophistication, and opulence, born out of the burgeoning post-war artistic fervor of the 1920s. 

Most design historians place its inception at the 1925 International Exposition of Decorative Arts and Modern Industries in Paris, France. Historians mark this event as a critical turning point in design (you can derive Art Deco from the name of the exhibition). Artists from countries across Europe erected pavilions across Paris to showcase the latest trends in angular and industrial designs. 

This was a story of a conflict in styles as Art Deco broke away from Art Nouveau. A key requirement for submissions to the exposition was that all designs had to be modern. No design could be based on historical styles. 

Art Deco, with its geometric shapes and vibrant colors, contrasted with the flowing lines of its predecessor, Art Nouveau. As well as this penchant for intriguing geometric shapes, the Art Deco style also became popular thanks to its association with glamorous exuberance, reflecting the feel-good vibes of the Roaring Twenties.

Defining Features of Art Deco Design

Art Deco is synonymous with luxury and sophistication. We touched on a few of these features already, but how exactly did Art Deco design exude this sense of luxury? Look out for:

  • geometric motifs
  • metallic finishes (gold and chrome)
  • vibrant colors
  • Sunbursts
  • Influence of Art Deco jewelry design

There is an interesting point to be made that the design reflects the technological advances of its time, showcasing streamlined forms and industrial materials that reflect the era’s fascination with progress and the machine age.

For a popular culture reference, you can consider scenes and styles from Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby. This film's 20s cocktail is full to the brim with art deco opulence as the glitzy characters shine in gold, chrome, and diamonds with zig-zag patterns galore. For more colorful examples of Art Deco architecture, search for the classic hotels and building facades in Miami's South Beach.

Art Deco in Modern Settings

Today, Art Deco is reinterpreted through a modern lens. Modern designers blend its classic elements with contemporary design trends. Viesso’s approach reinvigorates this iconic style, emphasizing sustainable materials and innovative designs that resonate with today's eco-conscious consumer.

Key Elements of Art Deco in Home Decor

Here are some things to look out for as you search for modern Art Deco elements in interior design.

  • Colors and Materials - The Art Deco palette is bold and assertive, featuring deep yellows, reds, greens, and blues. Gold, steel, or chrome accents complement these bold colors. Materials like velvet, mahogany, and lacquered finishes add a layer of sophistication that is distinctly Deco.
  • Furniture - Art Deco furniture is all about strong, clean lines and shapes. At Viesso, our pieces combine these traditional elements with modern sustainability, like eco-friendly varnishes and recycled metals. 
  • Lighting - Lighting is a crucial aspect of the Art Deco aesthetic.  Look out for fixtures with sharp lines and elegant glass shades that mimic the skyscrapers of New York. If Paris was the home of Art Deco in Europe, New York, symbolizing the raging glamorous modernity of the twenties, took the prize in the US.
  • Decorative Accents - From the glitz of mirrored surfaces to the exotic patterns inspired by global adventures, Art Deco decor incorporates a variety of elements that can bring a touch of luxury and history into any space. Look out for flashes of animal motifs inspired by safari or jewel-toned glassware indicating the 'exotic' east.

6 Practical Tips for Incorporating Art Deco Style

Whether you are looking to theme a room around the Roaring Twenties or just add a smidge of Art Deco pieces for a touch of style, here are some tips:

  1. Start with a statement piece, like an Art Deco-inspired velvet sofa or a geometric coffee table.
  2. Mix and match bold patterns and colors with neutral backgrounds to maintain balance.
  3. Use lighting as a decorative focal point with pieces that feature clean lines and metallic finishes.
  4. Install large, ornate mirrors with geometric or sunburst frames. Use frosted or etched glass in doors or windows for privacy and style.
  5. Introduce brass or chrome elements in stair railings, door handles, or picture frames to emphasize the machine-age roots of Art Deco.
  6. Arrange your furniture and decor to mirror each other on either side of a central element, like a fireplace or a large painting. This symmetry is a hallmark of Art Deco interiors.

Art Deco Collection at Viesso

You can find plenty of designer Art Deco pieces in our collection at Viesso to add some pizzazz to your house. Find sophisticated table lamps, elegant accent tables, and much more besides. Let's give you a flavor of what you can find on sale at Viesso.

Isabella Console Table

The elegant Isabella Console table perfectly merges Art Deco elements with modern style. This piece features a brushed gold framework and a floating tempered glass panel, which support a sleek, high-gloss tabletop with two hidden push-to-open drawers. This design achieves a sophisticated and airy aesthetic.

Arcade Bar Cart

The shelves and wheels of this bar cart are built with a plywood core and a real wood veneer, ensuring both durability and stability.

The cart features two operational wheels, allowing for easy movement. The solid ash bar cart handle is crafted from 100% FSC®-Certified wood, affirming our commitment to sustainable forest management (FSC® 092551).

A powder-coated, curved frame, constructed from solid round steel, provides a sturdy foundation. Additionally, plastic bumpers are fitted on the metal base to protect floors from damage.

Tiffany Dining Table

Inspired by the early modernist movements of the Art Deco period, the Tiffany Round Dining Table features intricate cross-hatching. This table showcases a finely crafted geometric framework of horizontal and vertical bars set in a curved design, providing a light and open structure. The design is complemented by an elegant clear glass top, enhancing the table's airy and harmonious appeal.

Shaya Pendant

Drawing inspiration from Art Deco modernism, the Shaya Pendant stands out uniquely in its design category. This pendant gracefully suspends, providing a minimalist yet elegant aesthetic. It features a color-coordinated canopy and power cable, completing its sleek and refined appearance.

These select pieces offer just a taste of the Art-Deco-inspired furniture pieces you can find at Viesso. Browse our collection for modern twists on classic design elements.

Art Deco at Viesso

Art Deco's unique blend of form and luxury makes it an ideal choice to elevate your space. Carefully selected Art Deco pieces are fantastic for those looking to enhance their home with a sophisticated and timeless design style. We celebrate the rebirth of this elegant style through sustainable practices that mean we can be both nostalgic for classic design while remaining forward-looking.

Discover the timeless elegance and modern functionality of Art Deco by visiting our collection at Viesso. Transform your space with these captivating designs.

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