Meet Sarah of Yarn Bombed Antlers!

We recently teamed up with Yarn Bombed Antlers to do a fun Facebook & Instagram giveaway. We wanted to know a bit more about this fun design husband-and-wife team so we did an interview with Sarah, one-half of the team.

Click through to read up on what inspired her to start her business, and the best advice she’s ever gotten.

Viesso: What inspired you to start Yarn Bombed Antlers?

Sarah: My grandpa was a dedicated and skilled deer hunter for almost all of his life. It was how he fed his family. After he had passed away we had many deer antlers that were going to be thrown away (2012) because no one really had any use for them! I knew that they were on the uprise of becoming a “thing” if you will. I started seeing them in the background of home catalogs..and I think there’s something in the air these days of people being more interested in providing for themselves and getting back to the roots of things. I think having deer antlers in the home represents that rustic, natural lifestyle. So I knew I could make use of those antlers (there was about 20). I wanted to somehow make them a little more feminine and home-y, but didn’t want to copy others by painting them. A friend of mine had Yarn Bombed a huge tree in her back yard with Afghan blankets and when I went to see it I knew Yarn Bombing the antlers would make them exactly how I envisioned them. I opened up an online shop and started my instagram and within a month I sold those 20, and I’ve been on a constant search for Antlers ever since!

Viesso: What is your favorite, and least favorite, part of running your own business?

Sarah: As a mom of 3 little ones who are all very close together, having a creative outlet has seriously provided me with so much happiness! I really enjoy being inspired to create. I have met so many awesome people through this business venture and I really love our relationships and am so thankful for them! My least favorite part…if i’m being having someone send me information about someone copying my work, and me having to take care of that. It’s incredibly annoying, and hurtful-as you can imagine!

Viesso: How would you describe your design aesthetic, both in your business and your interior design style?

Sarah: Mmm, I am a lover of all things 60s & 70s... I love all the colors used then, I have a huge sunburst that we painted along our pool wall that fades from Rust Orange to Mustard Yellow, it’s my favorite! I also love all mexican design, from arch ways to embroidery… I love natural elements around the home from metals to wood, obviously antlers..not sure if I can nail down one design aesthetic

Viesso: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Sarah: Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life!

5. If you could be given any item from Viesso, what would you choose?

I love that Orange Bull Head

Thanks so much, Sarah! To learn more about Yarn Bombed Antlers, head to their site or follow them on Social Media.

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All photos courtesy of Yarn Bombed Antlers

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