Mid Century Modern Wall Paper

Intricately detailed wall paper has been used for centuries to finish living space walls. Although many of these were hand painted, today there's an advantage in production methods that produce many patterns without the wait or cost. Durability and maintenance of today's wall papers make it a good choice for homes, offices, studios, and anywhere else one may want more than just a painted surface. Mid century modern wallpapers offer many choices in design so a perfect pattern can be found for whatever room one chooses. Colors have been developed to give the warmth of the classics that blend perfectly with today's furnishings. Some wall papers still begin with hand screened designs which are reprinted digitally. Digital reproductions allow for printing of photographic wall papers in a variety of configurations.

Some patterns maintain an overall repetitive pattern, such as basket weave or grass cloth, with little variation in color. This will give a solid appearance at a distance, but will allow furniture and accessories to be the focus of the room. A closer look will show depth and additional texture in a room. This can also reflect light in different ways whether from natural sources or artificial ones. More elaborate patterns in geometric or floral designs can be of similar colors or contrasts. Raised designs create dramatic dimensional effects. Flocked patterns give additional texture and many are hand done with perfection given to detail. Bold mid century modern patterns were popular for high end clientele, but are now affordable for most individuals seeking the stylish classic look. Blending patterns that complement each other in creative ways give rooms artistic touches suiting individual taste.

Typically, wall paper of the past was saturated with water and folded against itself before being adhered to a surface. Today, some applications have glue applied to the wall and the wall paper attached to it without the need of water. This can be helpful in places where cleaning with water solutions or humidity may cause adhesion to eventually fail. Some wall papered areas will have higher traffic and need cleaned more than others. Mid century modern wall papers may have twofold durability in these places. Soiling may be less visible in certain colors and patterns, and quick, frequent wipe downs won't fade wall paper. Wall papers are also now graded to let consumers know how flame retardant they are. This is of special concern in areas where there may be children, mobility impaired, or elderly individuals. The best in the rating system is "A," however, some wall papers surpass this rating standard, providing even more confidence.

More people are conscientious of their environment today than ever before. This includes both producers as well as consumers. Care is taken to use earth friendly means to manufacture mid century modern wall papers as well as hang and maintain their use. Less pollutants mean less toxicity to the environment and better health for those living in close proximity to the product creating a satisfying feeling for all involved. To learn more about mid-century modern wall paper or to find the wallpaper of your choice be sure to visit Viesso today!

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