Minimalist Furniture Design Ideas

Throughout our years in the furniture design business we are seeing that more and more people are attracted to a minimalist design when it comes to furnishing and decorating their homes and offices. The idea of clean lines and an open feeling expresses a simple and elegant aesthetic that is both inviting and functional.

Clearcut Designs

Minimalism is based on creating the maximum effect through exposing only the essential elements in a particular form. This means that anything that is not germane to a piece’s function is left out. At Viesso we find that by keeping our designs as clearcut as possible, we help to create an environment that allows for greater creativity and comfort. By eliminating clutter in our environment through these clearly defined lines, we also help to eliminate the psychological clutter that multiplies when there is too much input around us.

Providing the Ultimate Modern Setting

Minimalist furniture helps to open up a space, making it feel larger and more airy. This in turn creates an ideal ambiance for thinking, relaxing, and entertaining. Because we think of space as something physical and mental, the minimalist style is perfect for providing the ultimate modern setting for body and mind.

Balancing Interiors With Warm Touches

Some feel that minimalist objects lack warmth and depth because of the implication that they are non-decorative or non-ornamental. We find that the minimal aesthetic carries its own value, allowing for terrific creativity when it comes to accent pieces and colors that represent character, tone, and personality. At Viesso we provide our customers not only with exquisitely crafted minimalist furniture, but also a wide variety of interesting and eclectic accent pieces, such as floor coverings, throw pillows, bedding, and the like. We believe in balancing the interior of the home with warm touches, such as a shag rug, warm lighting, and touches of vibrant colors that add dimension, playfulness, and definition to the surroundings.


As the focal point of a living room, the sofa represents a place to relax and to gather. Viesso has a number of exceptional solutions that correspond to your needs, as well as the function of your space. Whether it is a convertible sofa, a sectional, or a sofa that rounds out a clustering of comfortable chairs, we have many quality options that will enhance your home or office.

The Unfurl sofa bed is an understated piece that is sophisticated, spirited, and contemporary. Compact, it is made with a solid steel frame on which sites pocket springs layered in durable foam and heavy fiber fill to create exceptional comfort. Folding down to create a bed, it provides a wonderfully functional touch when you need to accommodate an extra guest.
The Ason Sofa is a glamorous piece that claims a serene modernity with its clean, direct lines. Its tailored, shallow frame allows it to fit into small spaces, and with buttons placed across the back as a thoughtful detail, you have the apotheosis of contemporary design that will never go out of style.


Sectionals are excellent choices for lounging as well as entertaining. The Mota sectional is made with a deep, low, slender frame, and thin, high arms that create an elegantly light and casual feel. With over 500 fabrics to choose from, as well as selections for leg style and filling, this clean and luxurious piece can be built to fit any space.

Dining Tables

At Viesso we have many different styles of beautifully crafted modern dining tables. The Sullivan dining table is one example of a functional piece also serving as an undeniable work of art. The reverse pyramid table top balances on a tapering base and can seat up to eight guests around its elegant, oval surface. Created from pure wood, this style is a testimony to the innovation and simplicity that is the essence of minimalist design.
The Plate dining table is a wonderfully functional piece, as it can also double as work space. Because of its simplicity, it creates a perfect compliment to any set of chairs and demonstrates a unique aesthetic with exposed aluminum plates that connect the legs to its surface. Choose a square or rectangular shape in a variety of wood veneers and you will have a clean, stable piece of furniture that adds class to your home environment.

Accent Rugs

Placing accent rugs in your living and dining room areas will give the space more dimension and expression. At Viesso, we feature gorgeously crafted modern floor coverings from around the world. Providing a splash of color or an inspiring design, they are made with comfort and durability in mind. The hand-woven soft pile of the India ND9 is made of cotton and comes in a wide range of colors. The Jaipur, made of imported wool in a mid- pile, is thick and resilient and is a rich looking option in its browns, grays, and pale bluish green.
Throw Pillows
Using throw pillows to add comfort, color, and to soften hard lines is a great way to add personality to a room. The Fold Charcoal pillows with their pleated surface add a sophisticated aesthetic. Made of soft, pure linen with a down fill, they can be customized to any size you like. Henzel’s Electric Art Pillow makes an extremely artistic statement with their unique patterns and printing techniques.

The Media Center

A contemporary home or office requires a media center that is not only functional, but also streamlined to blend in with your decor. The stylish Grammercy TV stand is made to fit any size wall. Sporting a wooden base, a lacquered adjustable mezzanine, and stainless steel legs, the piece includes two pull out drawers at the bottom and a single drawer in the middle area. A truly contemporary design, it comes in wenge wood/beige lacquer and walnut wood/ black lacquer combinations. Choose the versatile Malta Shelf and you have a stackable unit that can be combined with more shelves or a single unit that lies low to the floor. In a lovely oak veneer, this piece is as functional as it is sleek.


In keeping with a minimalist theme, the bedroom should be as uncluttered as possible. The Frame Lo bed is a piece that demonstrates its beauty in the details. With precision mitered corners that create a seamless fit, the bed sits low to the ground, supported by stainless steel legs that are inset to prevent stubbing one’s toe on that late night journey to the kitchen. Created with a European wood slat system that easily fits into rail slots, this bed is extremely stable and comfortable. Add to its modern aesthetic the upholstered headboard with its removable cover for cleaning or replacement and you have a fine piece of minimal furniture that will stand up to time.

Duvet Covers

Adding touches through a careful selection of accents is particularly impacting in the bedroom. Here you can create both warmth and character with beautiful bedding, such as the Blocks Blue Sky modern duvet cover and sham displaying blocks of blues and khaki on a fresh white background. Designed by Area out of New York, the set is made of Green materials that are healthy and soft to the touch. Another option is the Cross duvet cover, with its natural fibers and one-of-a-kind pattern in celery. Understated and classic, this duvet creates a thoughtful accent that invites one into the seductive arms of sleep.
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