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Modern Bed Platform

Anyone considering a modern design style for their bedroom decor should consider the modern bed platform. The modern bed platforms consist of the best materials put together by skilled craftsmen using the latest manufacturing techniques. They come in many styles and sizes that are perfect for modern decor styles. Many contemporary furniture companies make one or more styles of platform beds with all the other pieces of bedroom furniture to go with them. Viesso has a great collection of platform beds using green technology and materials.

The advantages of choosing a modern bed platform are that they are good enough support for a mattress that the box spring may not be needed. When you use a well made bed platform the box spring becomes optional, thus saving quite a bit of money when purchasing a new mattress. Another advantage of the bed platform is that many of them are designed with storage in the headboard area or under the platform. Modern bed platforms are very well made and stable, so no more bed collapses in the middle of the night. The quiet, simple good looks of a contemporary bed platform have to be one of the best advantages of choosing them for your bedroom design.

One very good company to order your modern bed platform from is Viesso. This company has a very good selection of bed platforms and matching bedroom furniture that they manufacture using green methods and materials and they carry more styles from other companies they have partnered with. This combination gives the customer more styles, material and color choices at all price levels. This company stated in 2005 with the aim of creating an innovative process to get modern furniture to consumers. They have a lot of customization choices for the consumer, so you get just what you want in every piece of furniture you purchase.

Modern bed platforms can be made of many materials including different woods, upholstery and metal. The platform part of the bed can be solid wood, closely spaced wooden slats or strong webbing. The bed platforms come in twin, full, queen, king or California king sizes. you can choose from many kinds of woods or fabrics. There is a modern bed platform choice that is fully upholstered and another that is all wood with storage underneath. Headboards can be customized in many ways if you purchase from Viesso. You can even purchase coordinating mattresses and bedding from this company. If you are into buying green products, this is a good choice of bedding supplier to check out.

Viesso is a great place to search for modern bed platforms and matching furniture. We have both Internet and showroom merchandising. You can visit the showroom to see pieces you may be interested in, or shop entirely on the Internet with assurance that the products will be well designed, well made and good for the environment. You can start your search by visiting Viesso and reading about the company and products today. Contact Viesso and ask for their custom options, it will one of the best investments you will ever make.

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