Modern Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Now that the beginning of an important new year is upon us, it’s time to revamp our ideas, our behavior, our outlook, and while we’re at it, our homes. What more emphatic expression of who we are is there than the décor we select for our living space? And so it stands to reason that as we change, so should our surroundings.

Refreshing Our Space with New Ideas

Reformulating our furniture has a direct relationship to our state of mind. If we surround ourselves with stuffy, outdated pieces, what does that say about our own relationship to the world? If we clear out the debris, inspiring ourselves with a less-is-more concept, refreshing our space with new ideas, isn’t it easy to imagine how powerfully this affects our state of mind?

Staying Fresh

At Viesso, we respect the constant necessity of revamping our ideas, as we ourselves are doing this on a periodic basis in order to stay fresh, interesting, and ahead of the curve. We want to transmit this ethic to you as well, as it is a way not to become stagnant, but rather to add excitement, curiosity, and energy to our daily lives.

Making Changes

Change is important, not only because everything is always really in a state of flux, but also because this is what keeps us young and feeling alive. And we feel that this is an especially important year for making changes that keep us in a youthful and contemporary frame of being.

The Place Where Dreams Are Made

As the place where dreams are made, the bedroom might be the first place you look to get rid of the old to make place for the new. Why not revamp this space to match your inner new Modern Bedroom Decoration Ideas for 2013leaf by creating an aesthetic and functional environment that creates a clean, balanced, and streamlined look?

Designing the Perfect Sanctuary

A good night’s sleep in a peaceful room forms the kind of deep rest that results in the next day’s productivity. Viesso’s modern bedroom decoration ideas can help you design the perfect sanctuary in which to hatch and incubate your new ideas.

Providing You With All You Need

From beds to bedding, nightstands, dressers, lighting, wall treatments, throw pillows, and rugs, our online and Los Angeles showrooms provide you with all you need. And because we have a profound commitment to the environment, you will find that most of our inventory is made with sustainable materials, such as locally sourced wood or bamboo, natural or recycled fabrics, and conscious elements for all of the internal parts. We believe in diminishing our footprint while helping to create healthy indoor and outdoor environments, and we know that you feel the same way.

Setting the Mood

We are all aware of the importance of good lighting. In a bedroom, more than anywhere, it’s an essential ingredient for setting the mood. Take a look at Marset’s Cotton Table Lamp, a classic design created with its base and step made of matte chromed metal and its shade made of ribboned raw cotton.

Another option could be the Silva Table Lamp, by Cerno of Southern California. Great for reading, it is made of aluminum, solid wood, polymer, and linen and rests on an extremely stable tri-legged base, creating a truly modern aesthetic.

Duvet Covers

Getting back to the bed, adding a beautifully crafted duvet covers speaks volumes about how you treat yourself and others. The Simone Duvet Cover in soft and pure 100% linen is finished with French seams and can be ordered with accompanying sheets and pillowcases as well. From Area out of New York, a company known for their attention to detail, the covers are made in slightly larger sizes to account for shrinkage. The natural fibers contribute to a healthful environment and come in white, natural, charcoal, and midnight to create a sophisticated and elegant statement.

The Ines Grey Duvet Cover is also made of pure linen, with hues that blend soft greys with hushed blues. Creating a meditative, peaceful vibration, it makes any bed into an extraordinary haven for deep, blissful rest.

Accent Pillows

Adding accent pillows in harmonizing colors and varying shapes and sizes adds a definite depth to your bedroom décor. Mixing small pillows with bolsters creates the ultimate in comfort for a day of lounging in bed. Choose the serene Fold Charcoal pillows, with their pleated linen exterior and their pure down filling, or add a purely feminine touch with the Violet pillows, which come with hand crocheted designs over a linen base and a feather down insert. Any one of Henzel’s art pillows will add a definite contemporary feel to your bedroom, with materials, patterns, and printing techniques that are as distinctive as you are.

Custom Rugs

When it comes to creating warmth and dimension in a bedroom, consider any one of the custom rugs we have in our inventory. Two great suggestions are the Tokyo White Rug, a dense shag made with multiple colored yarns woven together. Made of wool and linen, the rug is AZO-free so that it is non-hazardous to the environment. Handmade by a third generation company in India, it has been constructed by master craftspeople using impeccable weaving techniques to create a contemporary styled masterpiece.

Our second recommendation for the bedroom is the Patagonia Sheepskin Rug, made in Argentina. Sensual and warm, with a deeply inviting texture, it is made with the highest quality 100% shearling and can be custom sized.

Wall Décor

Wall décor is the newest way to create a modern bedroom, using wallpaper, murals, or decals to add personality and creativity to your space. Look at the Kashmire designs in varying colors to create a deeply exotic effect with wallpaper. Choose a mural such as the Up North Mix by Christian Montenegro, a design that is easy on eye, interesting to contemplate, and an ideal way to create a unique and eclectic atmosphere. Made to the inch, it is easy to apply to any bedroom wall you choose. If decals are more your thing, take a look at the bedroom appropriate Cherry Blossoms, Bye Bye Blackbird, Oppsa Daisies, Great Heights, or any other design that appeals. And speaking of a-ppealing, they are super easy to peel on and off as needed.

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